Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Preston's favorites....

Preston is such a happy boy lately! There are a few things he's really gravitating towards...

First is people. This kid is so social and I love it. Usually, it only takes a matter of seconds for him to warm up to someone. Here he is with his buddy Miles at dinner recently. There's a span of about 6+ months between Miles and Preston and while it's a lot right now, it will be nothing in a few years. Miles is sure to be the cool older kid that Preston learns bad words from. (Just kidding- Miles wouldn't dare- he's a total pumpkin!)

Next- we are slowly introducing solid foods and so far, he seems to love to eat! He's so interested in food and drink- I had to add these in here... Here he is trying SQUASH for the first time. I love these pictures- they show how he just oozes sweetness. ;)

Notice how his bib says "I love my puppy." Well, that couldn't be more true. Preston has discovered Ruby and he thinks she's the greatest thing ever. His face literally lights up when he sees her and sometimes, he'll break out into a full-on laugh. (Which happens to be what Ruby aspires to bring out in everyone.) She is interested in Preston, but mostly just wanting to lick him or rolling around by him. I know she's about to fall in love with him as soon as he starts eating and dropping cheerios, though.

And here's one for Daddy-
He loves the Cubs. (Check out this face!!!)

Poor kid, he's in for a lifetime of heartache as a Cubs fan. :) Unless, of course...this is their year!

He also loves this cigar holder as his new toy. Yep- a cigar holder. It's easy to hold and doesn't have any sharp edges. And- call CPS- there is actually a cigar inside. He likes to shake it around. Don't worry, we are still going with the whole "smoking is bad" parenting model, but hey- if this thing keeps him happy and makes the Grandpas proud- so be it!

His other favorite things in no particular order:
~Not sleeping. (Well, ok- this may be his #1 favorite thing.)
~Pulling mommy's hair.
~Playing with mommy's necklaces while nursing. (That's one of my favorite's too.)
~Tickle time.
~Standing up while we hold him- he's SO proud of himself- it's precious.
~Aunt Kristin Fisher and Uncle Matt Adams- he thinks they are the goofiest people ever and ends up giggling for them non-stop.
~His Grandmas and Grandpas!
~TV. (Which we hate that he loves and try to avoid at all costs. But he especially liked the Super Bowl the other night.) ugh.

So as you can see, he's pretty easy to please these days. Which makes Kevin and I easy to please, too. He's been a total rockstar at the new house- riding in the sling or kicking around on a blanket while Kevin and I work, measure, meet with contractors, etc... I think he'll adjust to the move just fine. I'm actually more worried about Ruby.

Last but not least, take a look at my ticker at the top of the blog. Can someone please explain to me how that little marching baby is almost halfway down the caterpillar?


Betsy King said...

Yiippppe! A new blog and Miles is in it! Man, he looks HUGE next to little P!

LOVE the feeding pics. He's such a dolly!

Doggy pics = LOVE!!!!

Can't wait to see you again soon.

: )

Jessica & Todd said...

Preston is so freakin' cute in those pictures! I just love how he is growing into his personality! I can totally relate to the time just flying by. Sad thing is it just keeps speeding up! Enjoy every moment...but it looks like you are having no problem with that! :)

Holli said...

That cubs picture is HILARIOUS!! You can see it in his eyes...he knows his daddy is crazy for liking the cubs...He's practically pointing and doing the crazy-signal!

Daddy-O said...

OF COURSE this is the Cubs' year. He knows that. I'd also like it pointed out that I'm wearing a Cubs hat in that picture. He will have his matching one soon.

Aunt Kristin said...

I MUST get a copy of that pict with him and Kevin! That's flippin hilarious! Thanks for the shout out, P! Love you.