Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Social Butterfly

Ever since Preston was a wee-lad of a couple weeks old, I decided it was time to get him out with me as much as possible. These days, we go everywhere and I'm starting to notice that days where we stay home he's fussier than days when we are running around. We do things like go to moms groups, play at the library, meet other moms or friends for lunch, coffee or playtime, lots of shopping- sometimes (lately especially) furniture stores, home improvement stores or used goods stores, or other times, we'll just run the usual errands that come up through the day.

Here he is with Aunt Kristin as we met friends for breakfast at our favorite new coffee shop, The Friendly Fox. It's walking distance from our house and has a great atmosphere to linger for hours. Preston is becoming quite a regular there!

Our group of neighborhood friends recently had an impromptu gathering for game-night, and Preston was welcomed with open-arms and we were happy to bring him along since it was a casual early evening. Here he is at the head of the table, asleep on Daddy. If you look closely, I guess you can make him out through the myriad of wine bottles. ;)

We take him to watch football and play with Matt and Holli, too!

Over the holidays, we had several outings like dinners and open houses that we attended and took him along, so it gave him even more of an opportunity to be exposed to and charm some new people.

The best thing about staying busy is that often he falls asleep in the car and if I can pull it off without waking him, I allow him to sleep in his carseat- chasing the ever-elusive quality nap- until he wakes up once we are home. One of the reasons I think he does a bit better on days we are out is because like most kids, he sleeps great in the car. Maybe if gas weren't so expensive right now, I'd spend my days just driving around Fort Wayne.

We have some big projects coming up with the new house, so it will be interesting to see how Preston (and Ruby) handle this whole transition. If anyone has any ideas or advice on a gradual move with a baby (Shell, Britt, Chom....) please send them my way. Stay tuned for a play-by-play of the upcoming weeks!


Holli said...

He is such a little social butterfly...just like his mama! And he has such a sweet fun personality!!

Aunt Kristin said...

Ugg, I hate those mean people over at GMAC! I wanted to be in that house tonight, because I reserved P for the evening.

Bonka, not only is this a great blog entry because P is in it, well, it only gets better because I am in it as well. Check your spam settings soon though, your going to be flooded with inquires about my modeling background. Love.

Norine said...

Preston is absolutely adorable!! How big is he now if his aunt in Cleveland wants to get him something?? He is so cute!! Just love seeing the photos.

Hope your move goes well and you love the new home!!

Norine said...

One more sister is a rep for Manhattan Toys, so tell me what he has and I can probably get stuff! She gives me free stuff - or very cheap - anytime I want. I had a friend whose daughter loved Groovy Girls - also Manhattan.

Erin said...

Blog readers- Meet "Aunt Rine." SO connected in all-things-hip! When I was 11, she got us FRONT ROW to a New Kids On The Block concert- need I say more?