Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Social Butterfly

Ever since Preston was a wee-lad of a couple weeks old, I decided it was time to get him out with me as much as possible. These days, we go everywhere and I'm starting to notice that days where we stay home he's fussier than days when we are running around. We do things like go to moms groups, play at the library, meet other moms or friends for lunch, coffee or playtime, lots of shopping- sometimes (lately especially) furniture stores, home improvement stores or used goods stores, or other times, we'll just run the usual errands that come up through the day.

Here he is with Aunt Kristin as we met friends for breakfast at our favorite new coffee shop, The Friendly Fox. It's walking distance from our house and has a great atmosphere to linger for hours. Preston is becoming quite a regular there!

Our group of neighborhood friends recently had an impromptu gathering for game-night, and Preston was welcomed with open-arms and we were happy to bring him along since it was a casual early evening. Here he is at the head of the table, asleep on Daddy. If you look closely, I guess you can make him out through the myriad of wine bottles. ;)

We take him to watch football and play with Matt and Holli, too!

Over the holidays, we had several outings like dinners and open houses that we attended and took him along, so it gave him even more of an opportunity to be exposed to and charm some new people.

The best thing about staying busy is that often he falls asleep in the car and if I can pull it off without waking him, I allow him to sleep in his carseat- chasing the ever-elusive quality nap- until he wakes up once we are home. One of the reasons I think he does a bit better on days we are out is because like most kids, he sleeps great in the car. Maybe if gas weren't so expensive right now, I'd spend my days just driving around Fort Wayne.

We have some big projects coming up with the new house, so it will be interesting to see how Preston (and Ruby) handle this whole transition. If anyone has any ideas or advice on a gradual move with a baby (Shell, Britt, Chom....) please send them my way. Stay tuned for a play-by-play of the upcoming weeks!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

5 months flew by.

Preston turns 5 months old today, (Seriously- where has the time gone!!!???) so I figured it was time for some updates! It's so amazing to have watched the development he's experienced in just the last few weeks, and I'm guessing he won't slow down anytime soon, so I had better bring my blog readers up to speed.

He's tried rice cereal. He hates it.
I feel really good about the fact that he's been exclusively breast fed for 5 whole months, and figure a tablespoon of brown rice cereal might actually give his little taste buds a treat. He's not a fan, and honestly- it's as much trouble as it's worth, because by the time we spend 20 minutes getting him to eat ONE tablespoon, the majority ends up on his bib. I have been doing tons of research lately about starting solid foods, and even though we are only at the cereal stage, feel confident that we are on the right track to helping Preston become a good eater over the next few months.

He's SO much more mobile lately!
All of a sudden, this kid is rolling over, pulling his legs up, grabbing everything in front of him, kicking, swinging his arms, and arching his back when he wants to be held differently. Just when I thought I was a whiz at super quick diaper changes, he's made things a little more interesting by squirming and rolling. The same goes for getting dressed every day- he wants to grab his clothes and usually try to eat them as EVERYTHING is going in the mouth these days.

He's in the 50%tile for height, weight and head circumference.
Ok, Ok, big deal... but those of you with babies know that in a doctor's office, everything about their development is based on how they are growing. When he was born almost 3 weeks early, Preston was just under 6lbs and only in the 10th %tile for weight. He was up to the 25th by his 2 month appt, and just recently, in the 50th or slightly above, so basically- he's quickly becoming a tank.

Sleep sucks.
Sorry- there's no other way to say it, and these are actually Preston's words, not mine. Just kidding, but he's still not the best napper or long nighttime sleeper in the world. A few hours here and there or holding a sleeping baby has become a way of life for us. However, I try to embrace it and see it as precious time and quite moments in the middle of the night with him that I can cherish. ALTHOUGH- I have to say... the past week or so, he's done remarkably well again- usually around a 6 hour stretch. (Way to go, P!!!) He generally takes a short nap in the morning and a couple in the afternoon, and maybe a few cat naps throughout the rest of the day if he feels like it. No rhyme or reason, no pattern, no LONG consistent naps. Ya know- we've really come to terms with it... "it is what it is" and for now we are fine with that. :)

Teething without teeth.
The poor thing has spent the last month trying to cut his bottom two teeth. I know it can take months for them to actually come in once the process starts, but I hate that he's in pain. He cries, grabs at his lower gums, chews and drools incessantly, and literally puts everything he can get his hands on (and often his hands themselves) in his mouth. I can see the two little teeth on his bottom gum line, and feel the tooth buds, but so far, no actual teeth have come through. Luckily, we've been able to control his pain pretty well with these all-natural teething tablets and infants tylenol drops when it's really bad. Poor thing- he's been a trooper.

Loves to play!
And really, what kid doesn't? It's been SO much fun to watch him start interacting with all his toys and books. We just started using his exersaucer thing and the first time I took him out, he cried. He adores being read to, and will stay completely attentive for several books in a row. I swear he'll turn the pages of board books, too. And he loves his toys. A few favorites are coincidentally all the same brand- "Manhattan Toy." I don't know if it's their bright colors and funky texture, or that he just happens to love those particular ones, but he's certainly fond of them. (Hint-hint, Grandparents....) :) We do "Horsey" where we'll gently bounce him up and down on our ankle and he can't get enough- it's so cute!

He's found his volume button!

While he's been jabbering for what seems like forever, in just the last week, this kid has figured out that he likes to be LOUD. He'll be talking up a storm and all of a sudden go into a cat-like screeching sound. Here's a video of Kevin getting him to talk. (Notice that at one point, he attempts to brainwash Poor Preston into learning "daddy" by singing a little "daddy daddy daddy daddy daddy" song.)

And last but not least, Preston is about to get a new room!
Remember this post where I went through all the nightmarish happenings of trying to get his current nursery together? Well- we get to do it all over again!! That's right, we've found a new home and take possession a week from this Friday! We are a little overwhelmed at the thought of moving with a baby, but we know this is a great family home that we can grow into with lots of space for Preston to play. We hope to see you there soon!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Preston's got friends on the way!

And lots of 'em! My friend Betsy just posted about her cute pregnant friends, so I was inspired to copy. I'd like to add that there is definitely something in the water around here (I'd better stick to wine, then- just to be safe) because I have SO many pregnant friends right now it's scary.

First up- we have Erin Spencer... "Chom" to those who know her well.

(She's the one on the right and was very newly pregnant in this photo.)
Erin and Andy are expecting their second baby in early February. They don't know the sex yet, but I'm betting it's a girl. Preston thinks it's a boy.

Next, Kevin's brother Matthew and our sister in law, Heather!

Here's the mama-to-be (also very newly pregnant in this photo) holding Preston when he was only a day old in the hospital. She is Due April 8th, but the baby - (again- they don't yet know the sex) is measuring ahead (What an overacheiver!) so maybe it will come a little early. I also think this one is a girl, but Preston isn't sure yet.

Then comes Holli and Matt Adams- our amazing friends (who are really like family) and live just down the street.
Here they are looking very natural with Preston in the hospital:

They are due on 6/7/08. (I keep hoping the baby will be born on that date at 9:10- how fun!) Poor Holli has had a rough pregnancy- being VERY sick and recently a violent hives breakout. They don't know what they are having yet, but will find out on the 25th of this month, and are keeping their names a secret. (little sneakies.) At one point, I would have bet my life's worth that this one was a girl, but lately, I'm picking up a bit of a boy vibe.

In July, we have Britt and Ben Metzger.

She is on the far left in this photo. Britt and Ben are expecting their THIRD child right around the 4th of July and we are so excited for them! Just like with their first two, they are waiting until delivery to find out the sex of this baby. I'm going with a boy. Preston, too.

In August, we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Michelle and Ian Byers' 2nd baby.

Here she is with her daughter Abby and me and Preston when he was about 9 weeks old. (If you can't tell from the picture- he hadn't yet grown out of the screaming-phase.) Michelle, an impatient-planner type after my own heart, will also find out the sex of this baby before it comes on the 9th of August. I'm betting boy because she says this pregnancy is unlike her last one. Preston thinks it's another girl.

Also in late August, (or early September) Kevin's brother Mark and our sister in law Nicol, are expecting their second!

(This will be the 11th grandchild on the Erb side and the 3rd one in a 12 month span!) Nicol and Mark are planning on finding out the sex of this baby. I think it's a boy and Preston thinks so too. He says he needs another boy cousin to play with.

I have to admit- I know of at least one other pregnancy that is still on the "down low" for late summer/early fall, but I can't disclose it yet... :) It's amazing how babies come in waves, huh? I did hear that we are in the middle of another baby boom generation. Looks like our friends and family got the memo.

In Preston news, he had his well-baby check yesterday at the doctor and now weighs 15lbs, 4 oz and is 25 and a quarter inches long! Where has my little peanut gone?! Before you know it, I will have major newborn-fever and join in the ranks of the names above. ...Ok, not "before you know it," but eventually. Maybe we'll wait until Preston is old enough to get up in the night with a new baby- you know- because with his sleep schedule, there is a good chance he'll be awake anyways. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

It's a new year!

Preston would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! He's got big plans for 2008- walking, talking, eating solid foods, and every other imaginable baby activity that he's sure to master in the coming months. Oh, and he wanted me to add that his new year's resolution is to take better naps. :)

We hope everyone has enjoyed 2007 as much as we have, and that you are all "expecting great things" for 2008!