Thursday, February 14, 2008

Key to my heart....

Preston is by far the world's best Valentine... Kevin and I are so lucky this year- we have plenty of love for our sweet little boy. Here are some recent photos that I wanted to share. Hopefully they'll warm your hearts on this cold Valentines afternoon!

Speaking of great photos- I have to once again, give huge kudos to our dear friends Betsy and John of Betsy and John Photography. We recently had them take family photos of us in our current home, thinking they'd be great to have as memories before we move. (She is also responsible for the adorable e-card you see at the top of the page.) As usual, they turned out great- Check them out on Betsy's blog here.
Thank you again to both Betsy and John for such a fun day and such beautiful pictures- we will treasure them forever!!! :)

Also, Welcome to Baby Spencer! I posted that Erin and Andy Spencer were due any day and sure enough, Camille Noelle made her way into the world last week. Congratulations to Erin, Andy and big brother Luke! And speaking of pregnancy updates, Matt and Holli Adams are having a BOY! Talk about the surprise of the century, I was sure it was a girl! We are so excited for them! Kevin and I have said over and over how much they are going to LOVE having a boy. They are thrilled (as is Preston!)- we can't wait until June to meet their little man!

Lots of hugs and kisses to the ones you love- Happy Valentines Day!!

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Jessica & Todd said...

What a stinkin' cutie! His personality is developing so much! I just love the pics Betsy took...amazing as usual! How nice to have those memories from your house before you move to the new one! And you look great by the way! :)