Tuesday, September 23, 2008

your weekly cuteness fix

Going for a ride in the laundry basket:

Playing at a birthday party with his friends Stella and Eduardo:

Checking out the un-babyproofed blind cords in his new room and looking adorable in his french cafe outfit. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big step...

Preston is officially taking steps!!!

Not a lot, and I wouldn't say he's walking around the house or anything, but he's taking maybe 4 or 5 steps at a time. It's very exciting and we are as proud of him as he is of himself when he does it.

...that's all. Just had to announce it. :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

After nap excursion

It's been so nice lately that after Preston's afternoon nap the past couple of days, we've headed outside so he could explore our backyard. Yesterday I was able to get some good pictures of him in action. He was having so much fun that he hardly noticed the camera, and I wanted to share a few of the photos. I got fancy - in an effort to excite my more talented photographer friends- (haha) with some edge blurring, etc.. but what I really love is how they capture the curiosity that consumes most of his days right now. He's constantly busy- searching for the next great thing to get into or learn about. It's precious- he gets to dig in the dirt, play with Ruby's ball, and practice his hands/feet crawl so that he can avoid the grass. Weather permitting, I think we'll keep this up for as long as we can.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Improving the heART of downtown...

As some of you may know, I serve on the board of directors for the Fort Wayne Museum of art. (If you can call it "serving".... I've been a bit of a slacker since Preston came along.) Anyways, I'm co-chairing the public portion of their current Capitol Campaign, which will expand our building and gallery space. Today was a big public event, so we figured we'd take a family trip downtown and get involved in the festivities. There was a public announcement, crafts for the kids, a balloon handout and Preston's personal favorite- the penny drop.
The penny drop consisted of a giant box- roughly 5 feet high and 4 feet wide- in the middle of the museum atrium that held loose change. The idea was "Every Penny Counts," so they handed out pennies to all the kids, and of course, Preston loved it- he couldn't get enough. Sitting on that big box, dropping the pennies into the slot and then peering over to see where they went. It was one of those moments where we just got so caught up in watching him discover and play that we didn't seem to notice much when he stuck a penny right in his mouth. (Good save, Daddy.)

Then we wanted to get Preston a balloon. I had previously thought they were doing a balloon release, but it turns out, the museum is more environmentally responsible than I give them credit for, and apparently, they were just giving balloons away for kids to take home. Well, unfortunately, Preston didn't get the memo and let his go anyways...

"Hey- I want what those kids have!"

Trying to say "ba" for balloon:

"Now, Preston, don't lose this balloon, buddy."


Daddy to the rescue- ties on a replacement.

"P, where did your first balloon go?"

We saw Preston's buddy, Finn Adams and his parents there, too. We even caught Preston giving Finn their secret handshake:

In other news, Preston has had one of those weeks where I feel like I blinked and he's becoming a little boy before my eyes. His second bottom tooth made an appearance, he's becoming obsessed with Trucks, presumably as a result of his "Big Truck Book," and he's teaching himself to eat with utensils. Utensils!!! Are you kidding me? Slow down, young man.

The tooth we knew was coming, so we're glad to have it through. The truck obsession is slightly cute- he now gasps and says "taaaah!" not only when he sees the book, but when we see ANY truck on the street. We were on a walk earlier and randomly saw a painters truck that had a mechanical lift on it, a bobcat frontloader, a mack truck and a small excavator. (If you are wondering how I know those names, it's solely because I read "My Big Truck Book" about 10 times a day. Quick read, but the character development is extensive.) On the walk, every time we encountered said trucks, he sat straight up in his stroller, pointed, gasped and- you guessed it, said, "taaah!" All boy.

This utensil thing has me a little thrown off. We had been giving him a spoon to hold while he's eating, not so much to teach him about table manners- (what respectable baby just shoves food in!?) as to keep him distracted while WE shovel in pureed greens hoping he won't notice. Well, recently, he was sitting on Kevin's lap and started to use his spoon to eat off Kevin's plate. He'd deftly pick up a piece of pasta, and slowly but surely hit his mouth. We did absolutely nothing to encourage or discourage it, he just completely did it on his own. What a mess, though- he's still mastering the fine motor skills.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least, Preston has a new cousin! Mark and Nicol welcomed Baby Lucas into the world last Thursday- weighing 6lbs, 10oz. Happy Birthday, Lucas! He looks so much like Preston as a newborn, so we definitely think he's a cutie. :) Nicol had a rough time, but is recovering like a champ. We can't wait until the boys are older and can play together. This is the third baby boy to be born into the Erb family in just 53 short weeks- Yay!