Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting mobile!

My days of having an easy non-mobile baby are numbered! Preston is getting around so much more this week. He's rolling multiple times in each direction, and even pulling his legs up when he's on his belly to scoot towards toys, etc. He's still not sitting up completely unsupported for any longer than a few seconds, but I have a feeling that's on it's way, too. The other day, I left him on the floor of his room to go downstairs and get my coffee. When I came back up- oh, maybe 45 seconds later, his entire body was under the changing table with only his head sticking out!

I've mentioned before how much he loves Ruby, but to say that she's tolerant of him is an understatement. He tugs her ears, pulls her tail sticks his fingers in her eyes and mouth, grabs her fur to pull himself over to her and the entire time, she's patient and gentle. Now- I have a feeling once he can crawl or walk, she'll be a little more outgoing with him, but until then, we are SO thankful that she's adjusted so well. She's still a little melancholy knowing she's not an only child anymore, but is handling her little brother's presence like the sweet dog she is.

(What's wrong with this picture?)

We are still in total shock that Preston is 6 months old! It's hard to imagine that little bundle of screaming sweetness we brought home from the hospital last August is now a chatty big-boy eating solid foods! He's a joy these days and a total charmer.

This weekend, we have Aunt Heather and Uncle Matthew's baby shower (stay tuned for pictures!) and more work on the new house. A huge thanks to the Grandmas and the rest of our family and friends who've been helping out with projects there and watching Preston so that Kevin and I can get much-needed work done. Here's a picture of the kitchen floors that have become quite a project.

Also, Congratulations to Britt and Ben Metzger, whom we previously thought were going to wait until their baby was born to find out the gender. Well, Britt decided she wanted to know for their third child and they recently learned that Lauren and Miles will bet getting a little BROTHER! We are so excited for them- add another boy to the list of Preston's friends!

And lastly- how sweet is this face? :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your daily cuteness fix. :)

I had friends who shall remain nameless (ahem, Kristin) tell me today that I need to be more diligent with my blog posts, so here are some recent pictures. They are completely random, but still all from the last week or so and sum up Preston's latest and greatest.

The other day, I let Preston try the lemon from my water at lunch. Look at this face!!! I know what you are thinking, and no, he's not old enough to be eating a lemon, but with everything else this kid puts in his mouth, I figured he needed the vitamin C to cancel out the germs.

He still loves bath time....

...but hates getting out!

This picture just melts my heart. I took it yesterday when Kevin was literally walking in the door from work and made eye contact with Preston. It was so precious- he truly lights up when Daddy enters the room and the look on his face here just says it all...

He's SOOO incredibly close to sitting up on his own right now. Last night, he did it for a solid 20 seconds or so, but of course I was right there the whole time - unable to grab my camera- for fear he'd topple over. Every day, we practice sitting up in the Bumbo seat or propped in his glider or on the couch.

He's even getting on board helping out at the new house... now if we could just teach him to swing a hammer.

We are still experimenting with solids. He turned 6 months old this week (seriously?!!!) and so far he's tried:
Rice Cereal- hates it.
Bananas- really likes 'em.
Oatmeal Cereal- also likes it. We actually mix it with many foods now.
Butternut Squash- eh- not so much.
Avacado- one of his faves.
Sweet Potato- likes 'em.
Peas- we tried just a few bites of peas and it was his least favorite- same as Kevin.
Next up: PEARS!!!

He seems to be sleeping better this week- KNOCK ON WOOD!!! Not fully through the night, but better. He has actually put himself on a morning nap schedule, where he gets tired and hits nap time most mornings between 10 and 11 am, and I can usually get a solid 45 minutes out of him at that time. It's nice because it gives me a chance to pick up a little, shower and organize our day. As soon as I say this, I'm sure it will change, but for now- I'll take it!

That's all for now- hope you enjoyed your Preston Cuteness Fix and stay tuned for more!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Key to my heart....

Preston is by far the world's best Valentine... Kevin and I are so lucky this year- we have plenty of love for our sweet little boy. Here are some recent photos that I wanted to share. Hopefully they'll warm your hearts on this cold Valentines afternoon!

Speaking of great photos- I have to once again, give huge kudos to our dear friends Betsy and John of Betsy and John Photography. We recently had them take family photos of us in our current home, thinking they'd be great to have as memories before we move. (She is also responsible for the adorable e-card you see at the top of the page.) As usual, they turned out great- Check them out on Betsy's blog here.
Thank you again to both Betsy and John for such a fun day and such beautiful pictures- we will treasure them forever!!! :)

Also, Welcome to Baby Spencer! I posted that Erin and Andy Spencer were due any day and sure enough, Camille Noelle made her way into the world last week. Congratulations to Erin, Andy and big brother Luke! And speaking of pregnancy updates, Matt and Holli Adams are having a BOY! Talk about the surprise of the century, I was sure it was a girl! We are so excited for them! Kevin and I have said over and over how much they are going to LOVE having a boy. They are thrilled (as is Preston!)- we can't wait until June to meet their little man!

Lots of hugs and kisses to the ones you love- Happy Valentines Day!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Preston's favorites....

Preston is such a happy boy lately! There are a few things he's really gravitating towards...

First is people. This kid is so social and I love it. Usually, it only takes a matter of seconds for him to warm up to someone. Here he is with his buddy Miles at dinner recently. There's a span of about 6+ months between Miles and Preston and while it's a lot right now, it will be nothing in a few years. Miles is sure to be the cool older kid that Preston learns bad words from. (Just kidding- Miles wouldn't dare- he's a total pumpkin!)

Next- we are slowly introducing solid foods and so far, he seems to love to eat! He's so interested in food and drink- I had to add these in here... Here he is trying SQUASH for the first time. I love these pictures- they show how he just oozes sweetness. ;)

Notice how his bib says "I love my puppy." Well, that couldn't be more true. Preston has discovered Ruby and he thinks she's the greatest thing ever. His face literally lights up when he sees her and sometimes, he'll break out into a full-on laugh. (Which happens to be what Ruby aspires to bring out in everyone.) She is interested in Preston, but mostly just wanting to lick him or rolling around by him. I know she's about to fall in love with him as soon as he starts eating and dropping cheerios, though.

And here's one for Daddy-
He loves the Cubs. (Check out this face!!!)

Poor kid, he's in for a lifetime of heartache as a Cubs fan. :) Unless, of course...this is their year!

He also loves this cigar holder as his new toy. Yep- a cigar holder. It's easy to hold and doesn't have any sharp edges. And- call CPS- there is actually a cigar inside. He likes to shake it around. Don't worry, we are still going with the whole "smoking is bad" parenting model, but hey- if this thing keeps him happy and makes the Grandpas proud- so be it!

His other favorite things in no particular order:
~Not sleeping. (Well, ok- this may be his #1 favorite thing.)
~Pulling mommy's hair.
~Playing with mommy's necklaces while nursing. (That's one of my favorite's too.)
~Tickle time.
~Standing up while we hold him- he's SO proud of himself- it's precious.
~Aunt Kristin Fisher and Uncle Matt Adams- he thinks they are the goofiest people ever and ends up giggling for them non-stop.
~His Grandmas and Grandpas!
~TV. (Which we hate that he loves and try to avoid at all costs. But he especially liked the Super Bowl the other night.) ugh.

So as you can see, he's pretty easy to please these days. Which makes Kevin and I easy to please, too. He's been a total rockstar at the new house- riding in the sling or kicking around on a blanket while Kevin and I work, measure, meet with contractors, etc... I think he'll adjust to the move just fine. I'm actually more worried about Ruby.

Last but not least, take a look at my ticker at the top of the blog. Can someone please explain to me how that little marching baby is almost halfway down the caterpillar?