Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day!

We had a busy weekend- starting with story time at the library with Aunt Kim, then Aunt Tori's birthday/shopping trip in Fort Wayne, a quick trip to the lake for Sunday, then on Monday, we took place in our first Illsley Place Memorial Day parade and cookout. Preston really enjoyed all of these activities, but I hardly had my camera at all, so this was all I could get... enjoy!

Having fun at the library!

Helping daddy drive the boat:

Everybody lining up for the parade. I love the bike with the red/white/blue ribbon on it! The pledge of alleigence was said and the parade took off, but it seemed everyone spread out by about the 4th house. Couldn't keep these paraders down...they were ready to go! :)

Since Easter was late and Memorial Day was early, it feels like one blink and BAM! Summer is on in full effect. Here's hoping it's a slow, leisurely summer that drags on because we are NOT ready for this little girl to be here yet- too much to do before September!

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend and has a wonderful week!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Somebody stop me.

...Because shopping for a girl is really fun.

And she's got a few (read: several) other items waiting to make their way onto my camera.

Let's hope she never gets this messy in them:

Yep, that would be my son eating leftover brownie batter. Only the very tip of the spoon and just the one taste. He's never had it before, but let's just say he was pleasantly surprised. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day '09!

We've had a fun but busy week here- lots of playing outside. Preston is obsessed with the mower and can't stand not to be outside with Kevin when he's mowing. Actually, he can't stand to be inside pretty much at all right now. When it's time to come in, he usually has a tantrum. Aunt Kim and Uncle Bill gave us some handmedown outdoor toys. One is a water/sand table which has been a huge HIT! (And has allowed us to get some work done outside by keeping Preston occupied for long stretches of time.) I swear, it's like an outdoor babysitter. If you don't have one, you should. Another thing I think I've mentioned before is an awesome excavator ("didder!") from Preston's cousin Gabriel. Also a huge hit even though it's usually found digging in my flower beds.

Speaking of flower beds, I am going to Shipshewana with my master gardner Mother in Law this week- can't wait!!! :) She and I are also taking a gardening class together at IPFW right now and it's been super informative so far! This is the time of year that I long to spend about 6 hours a day just working in the yard and gardening, planting flowers and digging in the dirt, moving plants around, and deciding what needs to go where and next to what else. I am telling you, if your soul is feeling a little caged, there is nothing like an hour spent focusing on creating a living scape with all the different colors, shapes and textures to really ground yourself and get some creative juices flowing. It's my free therapy. :)

My mom and I took Preston to the Indianapolis zoo one day last week. We met some family friends there and had a wonderful time. Preston is a vetran of the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo, but has never experienced the one in Indy. It was great! There was an exhibit with small sharks that open on top and low to the ground, so that kids could reach in the tank and "pet" the sharks! He came nose to nose with a walrus, saw a mama and baby elephant and enjoyed a train ride. He loved meeting a new friend, Aidan, and just had a blast the entire day. Good times!

Mothers Day was a busy one! Preston woke up early, and I got some nice cards from he and Kevin. We drove to Angola for brunch at Pokagon with my mom and grandma, a quick stop by the nature center there to show Preston some things, then back to Fort Wayne for a cookout with the Erbs. Preston had a blast playing with his cousins and we enjoyed some quality family time. Remembering the twins we lost today as we do every Mothers Day since it was our due date, and taking time to be thankful for all we have awaiting us in the upcoming months with our daughter joining our family! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in our lives- we are so grateful for your love!

Also, a big congratulations to Scott and Emily Stanski on their wedding this past weekend! They were a beautiful couple and our weekend was spent enjoying time with friends.