Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Getting mobile!

My days of having an easy non-mobile baby are numbered! Preston is getting around so much more this week. He's rolling multiple times in each direction, and even pulling his legs up when he's on his belly to scoot towards toys, etc. He's still not sitting up completely unsupported for any longer than a few seconds, but I have a feeling that's on it's way, too. The other day, I left him on the floor of his room to go downstairs and get my coffee. When I came back up- oh, maybe 45 seconds later, his entire body was under the changing table with only his head sticking out!

I've mentioned before how much he loves Ruby, but to say that she's tolerant of him is an understatement. He tugs her ears, pulls her tail sticks his fingers in her eyes and mouth, grabs her fur to pull himself over to her and the entire time, she's patient and gentle. Now- I have a feeling once he can crawl or walk, she'll be a little more outgoing with him, but until then, we are SO thankful that she's adjusted so well. She's still a little melancholy knowing she's not an only child anymore, but is handling her little brother's presence like the sweet dog she is.

(What's wrong with this picture?)

We are still in total shock that Preston is 6 months old! It's hard to imagine that little bundle of screaming sweetness we brought home from the hospital last August is now a chatty big-boy eating solid foods! He's a joy these days and a total charmer.

This weekend, we have Aunt Heather and Uncle Matthew's baby shower (stay tuned for pictures!) and more work on the new house. A huge thanks to the Grandmas and the rest of our family and friends who've been helping out with projects there and watching Preston so that Kevin and I can get much-needed work done. Here's a picture of the kitchen floors that have become quite a project.

Also, Congratulations to Britt and Ben Metzger, whom we previously thought were going to wait until their baby was born to find out the gender. Well, Britt decided she wanted to know for their third child and they recently learned that Lauren and Miles will bet getting a little BROTHER! We are so excited for them- add another boy to the list of Preston's friends!

And lastly- how sweet is this face? :)


Betsy King said...

He is SOOOOOO Beautiful!!!!! I can't even stand it.

Oh Erin, your life is going to change verrrry soon with that mobile boy!

BTW, Miles took 4 steps today! : )

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God. I can't hardly stand it he's so so cute. What a super post and pix, mom!! The vid is adorable. Listen 15 seconds...he says "Ruby."
Love you guys

Jessica & Todd said...

The shirt he is wearing at the top of your post fits him perfectly! You can tell he is going to be quite the little heartbreaker one day! I am amazed by how much he is changing. His little personality is really beginning to develop! What a sweetie! Miss you guys...hope to see you soon! :)