Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hmmmm... sketchy TP Tuesday again.

Well, I'm now 17w1d, although I like to say "in my 18th week," and I'm still at 10.5 squares today, but I definitely grew out of my favorite pair of jeans this week, so go figure. TP Tuesday, I think I'm giving up on you. As Kevin pointed out last Tuesday, I realize this is not the most scientific measurement. And believe me, I'm thankful that I haven't completely ballooned yet, (you may think differently by the looks of this pictures) but it's surprising that I haven't grown more at this point, considering how my clothes are fitting. Ok, I'm not completely giving up, but maybe I'll start measuring every OTHER week. Yeah, every other week sounds good.

More excitingly, I have started feeling some movement!! Nothing quite like the kicks I know are coming, but little flutters and swimming. It has mostly happened when I'm laying down or sitting still, and my heart just jumps with joy every time. Everything I've read says not to expect it to happen every day at first, so I'm not in panic mode when I don't feel it, but look so forward to the times that I do.

We had a wonderful weekend in Jasper with Matt, Natalie, and sweet Baby Emma. Natalie was an absolute saint and so patient with me when we started the registry. I feel like I have tons of stuff on it, but I'm sure I'll add/delete as I continue to research different brands and products. She also let me borrow all her stylish maternity clothes. (Thanks again, Nat!!)

This is proving to shape up as a busy week for Kevin and me before we leave this weekend for Mexico. Lots of laundry and errands and cleaning, but getting excited for sure!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Today, I'm 16 weeks and 2 days and feeling good. I had my first OB appointment (no ultrasound) this morning and thankfully things went really well. My doctor spoiled me with ultrasounds every 2 weeks during my first trimester to ease my mind, and now I'm just a regular 'ol patient. I'll be going every 4 weeks until I get closer to the end and then it becomes every week. My next appointment isn't until April 20th, and I'll be over 20 weeks, so hopefully they will perform the much-anticipated gender ultrasound at that time!

We did get to hear the heartbeat today by doppler... it was a beautiful sound as always. 156- right where it should be. They found it higher than I thought it would be and also very far to the left. All my blood tests from last time were normal which was great news and my doctor felt fine about our trip to Mexico. He said to stay hydrated with bottled water, to stretch my legs on the flight, and for me to wear tons of sunscreen while we are there- apparently pregnant woman burn easily.

This week, the baby is over 3 and a half ounces and almost 4 and half inches in length- the size of a large avacado. He/She is getting ready to experience a growth spurt over the next three weeks doubling in weight and adding another 2 inches in length! It's circulatory system and urinary tract are working, along with it's little heart, which is now pumping about 25 quarts of blood each day, (good job, baby!) and it's even started growing toenails. We continue to get more and more excited each day... can't wait to share this little life with all of our friends and family!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

TP Tuesday

Today's measurement was boring again- Still 10.5 squares at 16 weeks and 1 day. Although, I had a few people tell me just yesterday that they thought I was starting to look pregnant. And I had a hot fudge sundae last night.

We have our 16 week appointment tomorrow- my first internal OB check. (Can't wait.) Stay tuned for an update!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

TP Tuesday- 15w1d

The bump growth wasn't quite as significant this week as last... 10.5 squares today at 15w1d. I have noticed my clothes are hardly fitting, but I'm trying to hold out on buying any maternity jeans since I have these brilliant Bella Bands and spring is just around the corner- which means that I can finally live in capris and skirts!

Thankfully, two of my girlfriends are coming to the rescue as far as my wardrobe goes. Sweet Sarah Kanouse invited me to have lunch last week and go through her maternity clothes. Sarah's adorable (and very happy) daughter, Hazel was born in September of last year, so she had tons of spring and summer outfits to get me through the upcoming weeks. Sarah also is trying to convince me to use cloth diapers... we'll see, Sarah- I'm not committing yet!

Also, Kevin and I are taking a road trip next weekend down to Jasper, IN to visit our good friends Natalie, Matt and my sweet Goddaughter, Emma Pryor. Emma was born last July, so thankfully, Natalie also has spring and summer maternity clothes that she is letting me borrow. She's even got a maternity bathing suit that will be great for our trip to Mexico in a few weeks! Natalie, being the kind and generous friend that she is, has also offered to help me start a registry while we are there. I have no idea what type of gear these babies require, so I trust her to let me know what I really need and what I don't. Even though it's early, I'm so happy that I'll have help getting a jump start on things.

Friday, March 9, 2007

The Ham

Some of you may know that I've completely given up lunchmeat or deli meat of any kind. There is a bacterial infection that pregnant woman are much more susceptible to called listeriosis that is linked to fetal development problems and an increased rate of miscarriage. (Something about the way it's handled and packaged, not to mention the nitrates, etc...) You can safely eat meat that has been "heated to steaming," but I never really get to Quiznos and who really likes a hot sandwich from home unless it's a hot ham and cheese? I mean, I don't heat up turkey or roast beef. I realize that many women think this is beyond silly, and eat lunch meat all the time with perfectly healthy babies, but I'm one of the nervous nellies that would rather be safe than sorry. So- it obviously goes without saying that a big lunch meat sandwich is the only thing I want. I even had a dream that I was in Subway and they were making my sandwich too slow, inciting a hormonal outburst from me that frightened many of their good patrons innocently enjoying their lunch. Well, yesterday at the grocery, I bought a ham. An entire 9lb ham. A large hunk of meaty goodness that I tossed in my cart and baked as soon as I walked in the door. Sure, it added $17 to my grocery bill, but it was so incredibly worth it. Kevin and I happily ate ham sandwiches last night for dinner and I probably finished mine before he was halfway done. It was the most delicious thing that has ever crossed my lips. I sliced up about two pounds and froze the rest for quiche and future lunches. I've never been so happy. Or bloated- ham is certainly salty, isn't it?

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

TP Tuesday- 14w1d

This past week got away from me because of the Art Museum Gala- which happened to be a huge success! But as I was focusing on the event, Aunt Kristin pointed out that I was lagging behind on my posts. Since it's TP Tuesday, I'm a little embarrassed to tell you- I've gained a whole square this week!! I was shocked as I carefully unraveled the toilet paper and wrapped it around my growing belly- 10 squares exactly at 14w1d. I guess I've noticed my pants getting tighter, but didn't realize it was happening so quickly. (Maybe it's all the crap I've been eating!) My dress for the gala was empire-waisted and very comfortable. I'm at an awkward stage where I want to wear a sign that says "I'm pregnant, not fat."

In other news- we've scheduled a babymoon! We are leaving for Puetro Vallarta on April 1st and returning Easter Sunday on the 8th. I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are to get away and bask in the sun for a week. I contacted my doctor right away and thankfully got the thumbs-up to go. I'll see him again before we leave at my next appointment on March 21st and will take all my records with me. There is an Amerimed Hospital near the resort where all doctors are US board-certified, and I will of course consume only bottled water and pass on the ice cubes, etc... in true Mexican-vacation style. Our villa is located on a Jack Nicholas golf course and has a patio with our own hot tub. (Which I'm not allowed to immerse myself in, but can at least dip my feet.) We knew we wouldn't be going anywhere after the baby comes, and got an unbelievable deal on the trip, so we figured we should take advantage of a second-honeymoon vacation now. It will be fun to one day tell our bean that they came to Mexico with us before they were born!

We also received our rocker that my mom ordered as an early gift for the nursery this week. I love it- it's upholstered stone twill and will go perfectly with the chocolate walls. I'm glad we decided on getting the upholstered since I anticipate some middle of the night feedings, and wanted a comfy place to sit. Kevin hasn't put it together yet, but once he does, I'll post a pic!