Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Your daily cuteness fix. :)

I had friends who shall remain nameless (ahem, Kristin) tell me today that I need to be more diligent with my blog posts, so here are some recent pictures. They are completely random, but still all from the last week or so and sum up Preston's latest and greatest.

The other day, I let Preston try the lemon from my water at lunch. Look at this face!!! I know what you are thinking, and no, he's not old enough to be eating a lemon, but with everything else this kid puts in his mouth, I figured he needed the vitamin C to cancel out the germs.

He still loves bath time....

...but hates getting out!

This picture just melts my heart. I took it yesterday when Kevin was literally walking in the door from work and made eye contact with Preston. It was so precious- he truly lights up when Daddy enters the room and the look on his face here just says it all...

He's SOOO incredibly close to sitting up on his own right now. Last night, he did it for a solid 20 seconds or so, but of course I was right there the whole time - unable to grab my camera- for fear he'd topple over. Every day, we practice sitting up in the Bumbo seat or propped in his glider or on the couch.

He's even getting on board helping out at the new house... now if we could just teach him to swing a hammer.

We are still experimenting with solids. He turned 6 months old this week (seriously?!!!) and so far he's tried:
Rice Cereal- hates it.
Bananas- really likes 'em.
Oatmeal Cereal- also likes it. We actually mix it with many foods now.
Butternut Squash- eh- not so much.
Avacado- one of his faves.
Sweet Potato- likes 'em.
Peas- we tried just a few bites of peas and it was his least favorite- same as Kevin.
Next up: PEARS!!!

He seems to be sleeping better this week- KNOCK ON WOOD!!! Not fully through the night, but better. He has actually put himself on a morning nap schedule, where he gets tired and hits nap time most mornings between 10 and 11 am, and I can usually get a solid 45 minutes out of him at that time. It's nice because it gives me a chance to pick up a little, shower and organize our day. As soon as I say this, I'm sure it will change, but for now- I'll take it!

That's all for now- hope you enjoyed your Preston Cuteness Fix and stay tuned for more!


Betsy King said...

LOVE the lemon face!!!!! We should have given Miles one yesterday!

LOVE the pic of you guys in the kitchen. That totally tells the story of your life right now!

BTW, I'm totally keeping score that I didn't get to hold Preston yesterday! I get first "dibs" on hugs from him next time. : )

Anonymous said...

OMG. He's so cute. That face!

Erin said...

Thanks, anonymous.