Tuesday, February 27, 2007

TP Tuesday

So I got this idea from a friend- to measure my belly in toilet paper sheets every Tuesday to monitor the growth. As of today at 13w1d, it's exactly 9 sheets.

We've had a busy weekend and few days since we've made the announcement public. Thanks to all our family and friends for their warm congrats and best wishes. This baby will be much loved.

I've officially entered into my 2nd trimester, and it seems that as my belly grows, so does my exhaustion. I had a pretty benign first trimester without any extreme morning sickness or getting too tired. These days, however, I am first and foremost- FAMISHED. Now... we all know I love food, but this is a special type of hunger. I seriously can't stop eating. It doesn't seem as though I've gained any actual poundage per the scale, but the amount of food I'm consuming makes me think I've got a tapeworm. (My sister in law Kim pointed out that the baby is actually a parasite of sorts...good point.) It began to worry me a bit, so I asked Michelle, who reassured me it was normal and made me feel better by saying she would eat breakfast in the morning and then eat her packed lunch on the way to work. (Phew!)
Secondly, I'm sleeping a lot. Don't get me wrong- I definitely felt tired in the first trimester, but lately, I'll be in a meeting or simply watching TV with Kevin in the evenings and I get so tired that my eyes will begin to burn and water. We went out to dinner Friday night and afterwards, I came home to put on some jammies and fell asleep on the bed before getting the chance. Hopefully I'll get some energy back soon!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our little lamb

This is our announcement that will be sent out this week. I thought the lamb was adorable!

Monday, February 19, 2007

12 weeks

Today was our 12 week ultrasound and everything looked perfect! We have definitely passed a hurdle today as our chance of miscarriage drops dramatically and we are well past the point that we lost the twins. My doctor is so wonderful and told us again today that he feels great about everything. I had a small sub chorianic hemorrhage that was seen on the past two ultrasounds, and today the tech couldn't find it, so it looks like it's gone!!

Kevin and I were both amazed at how much the baby has grown in just two and a half weeks! It is measuring right at 12 weeks and the heartbeat was healthy and strong at 166 beats per minute. We once again were lucky enough to see it wiggle around on the screen which is so beautiful to me that I cry every time. Maybe that's the hormones...?

We of course prodded at the tech to see if she could give her best guess of the gender, but her response was 50/50. (thanks- we could have told ya that.) We are confident that they'll be able to tell for sure by my 18-20 week ultrasound. We're so eager to start buying things (ok, I am so eager to start buying things) and planning the nursery.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

oink oink

Happy Chinese New Year and welcome the year of the "Golden Pig!" Yep, 2007 is a lucky year to have a baby according to ancient Chinese astrology. Apparently, the 365 days between Feb. 18, 2007 and Feb. 18, 2008 signify not only the year of the pig- the zodiac's most notorious sign for an easy and prosperous life- but it's also the year of the element of gold, and Golden Pigs only come around once every 600 years! China and Korea are expecting between a 12-18% increase in birth rates this year, as women are planning their pregnancy around this zodiac blessing. One Seoul fertility clinic has seen a sky-rocket of patients wanting to ensure a quick conception so that the timing of the birth will be compatible with the Chinese calendar year. While we obviously don't put much stock into all of this, we have to admit that it's a little bit cute... can't wait to meet our Golden Piggy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I am almost out of my first trimester!

After a positive pregnancy test on Christmas morning, we know this baby was meant to be. It has certainly been going as well as can be expected, especially with such a nervous mama. So far- so good.

Unfortunately, Kevin's grandfather passed away this week and we have the viewing and funeral amidst all this snow on Thursday and Friday. We are so sad, but also know he is in a place of peace to watch over the baby for the next 6+ months. So goes the circle of life, as we know he would have been thrilled for us. Having the funeral on Friday also means my next ultrasound appointment scheduled for Friday has been pushed back to Monday, when I will be exactly 12 weeks. This will be our 4th ultrasound so far and each one has brought good news and a peak at our little bean. We are very lucky to have a doctor who has calmed many of my fears by offering us ultrasounds every 2 weeks. Above is the bean at 9w4d, when we got to see it wiggling around on the screen.

Although we have yet to share the news with anyone beyond very close friends and immediate family, we are certainly getting excited to do so. I've been looking online for announcements and of course, can't find anything I love, so... Monogram Shoppe, here I come!

I've been warned by a few girlfriends to "Start Now," "Time Will Fly," "Don't Hesitate!" when it comes to all tasks baby-related. One has even asked me for a tenetive shower date! I have to admit- the room is painted, but other than that, I have no idea what to do next. I'm not sure what protocol for "getting ready for baby" actually is. I do know I have more than few things on my list to complete before September 3rd.