Tuesday, April 3, 2007

To baby from Mexico,

Dear Baby Erb,
You have no idea what a treat you are experiencing! (or do you?...) Mommy and Daddy are on one last vacation before you get here- in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! It's warm and sunny and we've enjoyed something special each day so far....

Saturday, March 31, 2007
We drove in the cold rainy weather to Chicago from Fort Wayne and stayed at our friends Jeremy and Dave's house. We all went out for a nice dinner of tapas at a beautiful restaurant called Meson Sabika... you loved the baked dates and even asked me to order baked apple crisp with vanilla ice cream.

Sunday, April 1, 2007
We left Chicago and flew to Mexico. Mommy was very nervous to fly with you, but I knew you made it OK because I felt you squirming around once we landed. Once we got to Mexico, it was late and dark, (but warm!) so we went straight to bed- you were exhausted!

Monday, April 2, 2007
What a great day we had. We explored our casita (that means "little house" in Spanish, which you'll learn once you get a good grasp on the English language) and were amazed at how beautiful it was! We are located on a golf course right across from the ocean and have a breathtaking view of the mountains in the distance. We actually have our own jacuzzi and hammock on our secluded patio which looks out over the golf course. The grounds are just gorgeous - beautiful pool with a waterfall, fresh flowers and palm trees everywhere - we couldn't ask for more. We are also located about a 3-5 minute stroll from Marina Vallarta. With tons of yachts and giant sailboats, it reminds us of a bigger version of New Buffalo, Michigan. There are tons of little shops and restaurants along with boat-tour companies that offer a three-hour tour. Tempting, but we'll pass, Gilligan. We met with the concierge who filled us in on all the good restaurants and shopping and where the best beaches and best tours went. She made us reservations for a restaurant with the best view in Puerto Vallarta called Barcelona Tapas. It's high up in the hills and overlooks both the city and the Bay of Banderas, not to mention the rooftops and interesting architechture of the local Mexican homes. Sunset was at 8:30, so we made our reservations for 8:00 and watched the pink and orange sky melt away as we feasted on fresh asparagus, garlic baked shrimp, marinated pork loin with cumin sauce and spicy red potatoes. Once again, you insisted on a tapas dessert. This time, it was molten chocolate cake with ice cream and berries. Hmmm... seems as if you have a sweet tooth lately. Here's a picture of our view from the restaurant:

Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Blue skies, tons of sun- from the moment we woke up this morning, we could tell it was going to be beautiful. To start things off, we had a delicious breakfast at Los Palermos. (I think that means the "pelicans," but you'll have to tell me for sure once you are fluent en espanol.) Daddy has been craving chorizo- mexican spicy sausage, so he got an omlet with chorizo and mushrooms and we ate a spanish style egg tortilla. You loved the spicy red sauce that came with it. When we returned to the casita after breakfast, we spent the afternoon lounging at the pool and then came back and took a nap while Daddy got caught up on some work. Tonight, we are planning on eating at a fun little restaurant we keep hearing about called Victor's, then taking a ride up the elevator into a tall lighthouse to see the sunset... can't wait!


Daddy-O said...

I love that picture.

Nana said...

You're beautiful!!