Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hmmmm... sketchy TP Tuesday again.

Well, I'm now 17w1d, although I like to say "in my 18th week," and I'm still at 10.5 squares today, but I definitely grew out of my favorite pair of jeans this week, so go figure. TP Tuesday, I think I'm giving up on you. As Kevin pointed out last Tuesday, I realize this is not the most scientific measurement. And believe me, I'm thankful that I haven't completely ballooned yet, (you may think differently by the looks of this pictures) but it's surprising that I haven't grown more at this point, considering how my clothes are fitting. Ok, I'm not completely giving up, but maybe I'll start measuring every OTHER week. Yeah, every other week sounds good.

More excitingly, I have started feeling some movement!! Nothing quite like the kicks I know are coming, but little flutters and swimming. It has mostly happened when I'm laying down or sitting still, and my heart just jumps with joy every time. Everything I've read says not to expect it to happen every day at first, so I'm not in panic mode when I don't feel it, but look so forward to the times that I do.

We had a wonderful weekend in Jasper with Matt, Natalie, and sweet Baby Emma. Natalie was an absolute saint and so patient with me when we started the registry. I feel like I have tons of stuff on it, but I'm sure I'll add/delete as I continue to research different brands and products. She also let me borrow all her stylish maternity clothes. (Thanks again, Nat!!)

This is proving to shape up as a busy week for Kevin and me before we leave this weekend for Mexico. Lots of laundry and errands and cleaning, but getting excited for sure!