Thursday, April 5, 2007

To Baby from Mexico...continued....

Hello again, sweet baby! Here's what Mommy and Daddy did yesterday..

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Wednesday, we ate breakfast in the Marina again- this time at a place called Mr. Cream's, which is well known here to be like an I-HOP. Very inexpensive and popular for it's delicious food. We strolled around and did some shopping, then spent a few hours in the afternoon at the pool again. We bought a raft so that Mommy could float in the pool since I am not supposed to get too warm. (Well, actually, YOU are not supposed to get too warm.)

The concierge scheduled dinner for us at restaurant called "El Arryan." It was located in Old Town, PV and we got a great view driving up the cobblestone streets. The menu was very simple and was truly traditional Mexican food- we shared black ban empenadas and Daddy got scallops ceviche- with cilantro and avocado and served with tortilla chips, and I got the chipoltle shrimp. Spicy! (Which I'm learning makes you kick... I'm not sure if that means you like spicy or not, but for the time being, I'm going with you like it.) They also made mommy a non-alcoholic mango daquiri...mmmmm!

Then, we walked along the streets to the local art galleries. Every Wednesday night, the art district opens up to the tourists and they have a "gallery walk." We loved stolling in and out of the different spaces- they were all unique and beautiful in their own way. Some were very minimal and chic, others warm and lots of sitting space, some were small and humble and one was sort of an old house-turned-edgy-studio. Mama fell in love the work of one artist- especially for his whimsical and colorful paintings. His name is Esau Andrade and he illustrated a Children's book of poetry in both English and Spanish, called When Words Dream, which I'm determined to find for you once we get home.

Then we walked further down to the "Malecon," the long stretch of walkway along the beach which seemed more like a steet fair with break dancers, sand sculptures, and mimes! The sunset was breathtaking- looking out on the water among the mountains and watching the boats on the ocean, we thought a lot about you and what our lives will be like once you get here. Wednesday was a great day.


Nana said...

You are both so beautiful. The pictures are awesome. I'm SO glad you're having fun!! Enjoy every minute. Ruby and I miss you. Also....soak up the beautiful sunlight. It's snowing here.

Holli said...

Baby Erb misses Aunt Holli. Come home!!! No seriously, I am sooo HAPPY for you guys that you were able to get away and have a great time together.
Erin--your package came today to my house. The UPS guy looked at me weird when he said your name and I explained that you were just having it delivered here.
Can't wait to see you!

Betsy King said...

I'm so freakin jealous of your baby moon it's not even funny!!!!

: )

Our baby moon was to Ann Arbor. ; ) We had a great time though. It included a trip to Ikea. We are a classy bunch, huh?