Thursday, April 12, 2007

A kick in the night...

So I know all of you have been asking yourselves one question - and one question only - as you keep abreast of our pregnancy adventures. "Selves," you ask, "how is Kevin handling all of this?"

I appreciate the care and concern, I really do. But worry not! I am doing just fine.

The most exciting developments around these parts lately has been the increasing movement of Baby Erb. Erin gives me reports what seems like several times a day now of that little gal or guy kicking, punching, dancing and doing the backstroke, and I love hearing about it every time.

Unfortunately, to this point I have been unable to share in the excitement of feeling the movements. I've put my hand on Erin's belly when she begins to feel some movement, hoping I might be able to pick up the slightest of kicks or slides, to no avail. The easy answer is that Baby Erb is still just so little and slight that it's still too difficult to feel movement from the outside. But I know what's really going on here: That little shit is already giving me the silent treatment. It obviously recognizes my voice and stops in its tracks as soon as it knows I'm near.

That's fine. I'm an adult. I can handle it. But just wait until you get out here....

In all seriousness, thanks everyone for the kind words and wishes. The support of our family and friends makes this experience that much more memorable and enjoyable.

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