Tuesday, March 6, 2007

TP Tuesday- 14w1d

This past week got away from me because of the Art Museum Gala- which happened to be a huge success! But as I was focusing on the event, Aunt Kristin pointed out that I was lagging behind on my posts. Since it's TP Tuesday, I'm a little embarrassed to tell you- I've gained a whole square this week!! I was shocked as I carefully unraveled the toilet paper and wrapped it around my growing belly- 10 squares exactly at 14w1d. I guess I've noticed my pants getting tighter, but didn't realize it was happening so quickly. (Maybe it's all the crap I've been eating!) My dress for the gala was empire-waisted and very comfortable. I'm at an awkward stage where I want to wear a sign that says "I'm pregnant, not fat."

In other news- we've scheduled a babymoon! We are leaving for Puetro Vallarta on April 1st and returning Easter Sunday on the 8th. I can't even begin to tell you how excited we are to get away and bask in the sun for a week. I contacted my doctor right away and thankfully got the thumbs-up to go. I'll see him again before we leave at my next appointment on March 21st and will take all my records with me. There is an Amerimed Hospital near the resort where all doctors are US board-certified, and I will of course consume only bottled water and pass on the ice cubes, etc... in true Mexican-vacation style. Our villa is located on a Jack Nicholas golf course and has a patio with our own hot tub. (Which I'm not allowed to immerse myself in, but can at least dip my feet.) We knew we wouldn't be going anywhere after the baby comes, and got an unbelievable deal on the trip, so we figured we should take advantage of a second-honeymoon vacation now. It will be fun to one day tell our bean that they came to Mexico with us before they were born!

We also received our rocker that my mom ordered as an early gift for the nursery this week. I love it- it's upholstered stone twill and will go perfectly with the chocolate walls. I'm glad we decided on getting the upholstered since I anticipate some middle of the night feedings, and wanted a comfy place to sit. Kevin hasn't put it together yet, but once he does, I'll post a pic!


Nana said...

You look absolutely stunning, as does Kevin, in the picture. I'm so glad you liked the rocker!! Sorry it has to be assembled.
I'm excited for you as you plan for Puerto Vallarta. I'm excited for me since I get to have Ruby for a week!
I love you

Holli said...

Woohoo! You look absolutely stunning!! I'm so glad the gala was a success and now you can spend more time resting (and shopping with me of course).
Hope you guys have a wonderful time in Mexico...you deserve it!

Aunt Kristin said...

Well, I have come to terms with you traveling. It wasn't so much for my worries about your safety on the trip (ok, maybe a bit) but more so just because I loathe when you leave. Especially because I hate missing a day of your growing. It's like I've turned into this overprotective friend, it will only get better when I get what I really want out of this whole deal- your sweet baby! mwahahahahaha!

Oh, bonkey you stole the spotlight at that gala....or was the spotlight just behind your table! ;)You looked beautiful as always! And the baby looked even better.

And remember keep up this blog because Nana and I can't handle the anticipation of waiting another week to read EVERYTHING!

Cheers today for homemade baby food and disposable diapers!! xo

zaphiro said...

what on earth is that sprouting out of your head?!