Friday, March 9, 2007

The Ham

Some of you may know that I've completely given up lunchmeat or deli meat of any kind. There is a bacterial infection that pregnant woman are much more susceptible to called listeriosis that is linked to fetal development problems and an increased rate of miscarriage. (Something about the way it's handled and packaged, not to mention the nitrates, etc...) You can safely eat meat that has been "heated to steaming," but I never really get to Quiznos and who really likes a hot sandwich from home unless it's a hot ham and cheese? I mean, I don't heat up turkey or roast beef. I realize that many women think this is beyond silly, and eat lunch meat all the time with perfectly healthy babies, but I'm one of the nervous nellies that would rather be safe than sorry. So- it obviously goes without saying that a big lunch meat sandwich is the only thing I want. I even had a dream that I was in Subway and they were making my sandwich too slow, inciting a hormonal outburst from me that frightened many of their good patrons innocently enjoying their lunch. Well, yesterday at the grocery, I bought a ham. An entire 9lb ham. A large hunk of meaty goodness that I tossed in my cart and baked as soon as I walked in the door. Sure, it added $17 to my grocery bill, but it was so incredibly worth it. Kevin and I happily ate ham sandwiches last night for dinner and I probably finished mine before he was halfway done. It was the most delicious thing that has ever crossed my lips. I sliced up about two pounds and froze the rest for quiche and future lunches. I've never been so happy. Or bloated- ham is certainly salty, isn't it?

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Nana said...

E, you are SO funny. You always did like ham, even as a little one yourself. We always crave what we can't have. $17? A small price for a little contentment.....and after all, you SHARED with Kevin!