Tuesday, February 27, 2007

TP Tuesday

So I got this idea from a friend- to measure my belly in toilet paper sheets every Tuesday to monitor the growth. As of today at 13w1d, it's exactly 9 sheets.

We've had a busy weekend and few days since we've made the announcement public. Thanks to all our family and friends for their warm congrats and best wishes. This baby will be much loved.

I've officially entered into my 2nd trimester, and it seems that as my belly grows, so does my exhaustion. I had a pretty benign first trimester without any extreme morning sickness or getting too tired. These days, however, I am first and foremost- FAMISHED. Now... we all know I love food, but this is a special type of hunger. I seriously can't stop eating. It doesn't seem as though I've gained any actual poundage per the scale, but the amount of food I'm consuming makes me think I've got a tapeworm. (My sister in law Kim pointed out that the baby is actually a parasite of sorts...good point.) It began to worry me a bit, so I asked Michelle, who reassured me it was normal and made me feel better by saying she would eat breakfast in the morning and then eat her packed lunch on the way to work. (Phew!)
Secondly, I'm sleeping a lot. Don't get me wrong- I definitely felt tired in the first trimester, but lately, I'll be in a meeting or simply watching TV with Kevin in the evenings and I get so tired that my eyes will begin to burn and water. We went out to dinner Friday night and afterwards, I came home to put on some jammies and fell asleep on the bed before getting the chance. Hopefully I'll get some energy back soon!


Aunt Kristin said...

Dearest bonka... You must enjoy the time when you are allowed to eat everything that crosses your path, and even the ones you create to McDonald's.

I was so excited to see how much your belly has changed over the last week- it's so awesome. And as for the sleep, enjoy that too- for I have a feeling there won't be much of that either after the baby arrives. XO

Nana said...

You forgot to say how BEAUTIFUL you look! Don't worry about sleeping after the little bean arrives. I'll help you with anything I can!
Love you!

Holli said...

I'm already in love with that little peanut of yours! And you do look gorgeous!