Sunday, February 18, 2007

oink oink

Happy Chinese New Year and welcome the year of the "Golden Pig!" Yep, 2007 is a lucky year to have a baby according to ancient Chinese astrology. Apparently, the 365 days between Feb. 18, 2007 and Feb. 18, 2008 signify not only the year of the pig- the zodiac's most notorious sign for an easy and prosperous life- but it's also the year of the element of gold, and Golden Pigs only come around once every 600 years! China and Korea are expecting between a 12-18% increase in birth rates this year, as women are planning their pregnancy around this zodiac blessing. One Seoul fertility clinic has seen a sky-rocket of patients wanting to ensure a quick conception so that the timing of the birth will be compatible with the Chinese calendar year. While we obviously don't put much stock into all of this, we have to admit that it's a little bit cute... can't wait to meet our Golden Piggy!

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