Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What a weekend!

Last weekend, Preston and I met some friends in Chicago. It was a blast. There were other kids for him to play with and other mommies for me to play with. :) One thing we did that was so much fun was visit the DuPage Children's Museum near Naperville. Preston absolutely loved it! There were tons of cool exhibits and it totally tired him out. When we hit the hotel later in the afternoon, he got to swim, too, which he also loved. I was nervous about how he'd sleep in the hotel, because we shared a suite with my friend Aimee and her little guy, Brayden (who got along famously with P) but they both did great in their Pack and Plays. It helped that they were in separate rooms, but we were both amazed at how great they slept for naps and bedtime. I drove home in a white-out blizzard with a pretty fussy boy on my hands, but the trip was worth it... we had a great time!!

Also, I am starting to feel the baby move some, which is so exciting! I think I've been feeling it for a couple of weeks, but I figured it was early for 15 weeks, and wasn't sure. It's not kicks or punches yet, but swimming and flutters. It's funny because it brings back so many memories of being pregnant with Preston. I love it- it's my favorite thing about this pregnancy so far! :) I'm including this picture below so that you can see what is happening to my belly. It's not a staged belly shot, but you can get an idea. I'll get on the ball and start posting some real belly progression pics soon. By the way, I have no idea where Preston is in the pic... yikes.


Alyssa G said...

Your tummy is so cute!! I used to live in Naperville! Cool!

Anonymous said...

Wow that does look like fun! Preston is SO grown up!

That has to be so exciting to feel the baby move!