Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!

We had such a nice time for Easter at lake James! It was a marathon trip- less than 24 hours, actually, but it was great to see family that we haven't seen in awhile and spend time with my Grams. Saturday evening, we arrived for dinner at Mike and Diana's and Preston got to experience coloring eggs for the first time!
He went from being a little unsure at first, just watching and taking it all in, to getting some help from his older cousins to figure out how it's done, then finally having a blast and wanting to do "more eggs!"

Sunday, we joined the family for dinner at my Grandma's house. Along with his first Easter egg hunt, there were other kids, puppies, a giant pop-up ice cream truck courtesy of Aunt Laura, lots of food and excitement to keep Preston entertained. We left around his afternoon nap time, so he konked out in the car on the way home, as you can see by his hair in the last shot. And, seriously, how cute was his outfit?

This past week, P and I spent some fun time outdoors with our nice weather...we played ball, planted some pansies, become quite skilled in side walk chalk and just explored Preston's room to roam in our backyard. He was just learning to walk when we moved in last September, so he had a limited amount of time to be outside. These days, he's so obsessed with being out that when we come in, he melts down with the most pitiful voice you've ever heard and cries, "side! side. side.... siiiiide." :( Kevin and Uncle Christopher ("Ferter" as Preston affectionately calls him) have been busy working on fixing out back yard fence that was for some insane reason, installed 2 feet off the ground. Not so hot for keeping a child and dog in the backyard. It will be awesome to have the fence done so I can feel comfortable letting him play at the backdoor while I'm in the kitchen. We can't wait to get some more outdoor toys for him. Bring on the big plastic toys and slides! :)

Also, this week, poor Preston got not one, not two... not three, but FOUR molars!! Yes, I said FOUR. I have to admit- compared to some of our previous teething experiences, and also to what I've heard from other moms about molars, they were not that bad. Actually, I saw the bottom right popping through, but it wasn't until we were playing one day and he was cracking up - mouth wide open- that I saw the ones on the top were already through. What a trooper this kid is!! Kevin and I joke that we won't know what to blame fussiness on once all his teeth are through. I can't believe he got the top ones and I didn't even notice. But good luck trying to get a look- reach for his mouth and those jaws lock shut like a hungry crocodile.

I will be 18 weeks pregnant this Wednesday and just so you know, I'm not QUITE as huge as I look in the shot above of the three of us in front of the lake. That is actually not a maternity shirt, but it makes me look much larger for some reason. (Certainly not the giant Easter meal I had just consumed of ham and mashed potatoes, right?) Anyways, as promised earlier, here is a proper belly shot at 17 weeks and 3 days:

The countdown begins to the 22nd when we find out what we are having. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going compared to last time. I am feeling pretty good these days- just tired, but part of that is chasing an extremely busy toddler. Can't complain as the nausea is all but gone (knock on wood) and the swelling and heartburn haven't kicked in yet. Speaking of kicks- I'm feeling more flutters and loving it! Can't wait to start focusing on the fun stuff- room and name ideas after we find what we're having!

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Terri Gaff said...

Erin, Kevin and Preston!!
Congratulations on the newest Erb. I can't wait to hear the name. Nana told me the latest news about your little one. She is ecstatic!! I am so happy for you. I'm sure Preston will be a wonderful and protective big brother! Erin, you are beautiful! Your family is blessed with your inner and outer beauty that you are passing down to your babies. Sorry Kevin, You are darn cute too. :-D Love, T