Monday, March 9, 2009

belated blog

Ok, two months in to my new years resolution and I've already broken it. I meant to update the blog here at the very least once a week and it's been two! Yikes- sorry... getting back on the wagon with a catch-up post.

Elliana is our new niece and belongs to Uncle Christopher... isn't she darling?? She is the sweetest thing and a very happy baby as we discovered when we got to babysit a couple weeks ago. Preston was interested in her, but not enthralled. He did ask to hold her, though, and even leaned over and gave her a little kiss. Precious.

A few weeks ago, we met with the Metzger, Byers and Spencer families for a play date in Elkhart. Britt, Michelle and Erin are my three dear friends from high school. Well, elementary, school, actually. Between the 4 of us, we had 8! But seriously aren't they the cutest 8 kids you've ever seen? Preston had a blast and so did the moms... what a special day to all get together for so much fun.

We've been doing a ton to try to stay busy indoors until the weather breaks, but have finally gotten lucky this week and last as I've started to feel better physically and it's also warmed up a bit. In the meantime, we've made lots of trips to the library- and on one particular visit, Preston had me cracking up. He loves to play with the kitchen there and this day, he marched around with a little coffee cup then would stop and stand still for a second- hand on his hip, he'd stop and take a "drink" of his coffee. I think he looks like he's waltzing into the office on a Monday morning, looking for his copy of the New York Times. HA!

He also got some new art supplies lately.. a little messy, but he's having fun.

In other news, I am feeling so much better and even though I am tired, I'll take that any day over nausea. The baby is now around 3 inches, and comparable in size to a peach. It's toothbuds and both fingernails and toenails are formed. At this point, most organ development is completed and the little bug just gets to focus on growing big and strong before September! :)

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