Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patty's Day!

Preston turned 19 months old today! Just amazing- where has the time gone? His vocabulary is exploding and every single day he is doing something or saying something that we didn't know he could do the day before.
Can I just brag for a minute? We were on a walk the other day (I was pushing him in the stroller) and I asked him if we should sing the ABCs. He started singing, "D, C, B, Y...." So, obviously not to the tune, but still letters! He points to many things in his books and says the name of the items, can identify sun, stars, the moon- (even when it's out at 4 in the afternoon while the sun is shining!) He can identify colors, (although orange and blue seem to be his faves.) He can help us count to 10, and he is speaking in 2-3 word sentences and still is obsessed with anything to do with trucks; identifying all kinds of vehicles- cars, trucks, taxis, buses, garbage trucks, mail trucks, dump trucks, bulldozers, diggers, and mixers!

Here are a couple of videos of us reading before bedtime. Be sure to pause the music on the left of the screen so that you can hear the audio.

Preston's Grammy Dawn came to visit today and the weather was so beautiful and warm we went to walk around Jefferson Pointe and do some shopping. She hooked Preston up with a ton of new summer duds. (By the way, Old Navy is having great sales on kids clothes!)

Helping Daddy rake. Preston loves being outside more than anything right now- usually spurring a tantrum when it's time to come in.

Loves banging away on this at Aunt Kim and Uncle Bill's!

Rub a dub dub, two men in a tub! Bath time with cousin Jacob!

In PREGNANCY news, we are doing great! I'm now 14 weeks and feeling good, other than some occasional nausea and gagging, and the run of the mill pregnancy exhaustion. I am so thankful to be past that all-day-nausea feeling! I can't believe how much bigger I am already this time than what I was with Preston... starting to wear some more maternity clothes and am going to have to pull out my clothes from last time, too!

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