Monday, June 18, 2007

TP Tuesday- The Countdown Begins!

Today at 29 weeks and 1 day, I am 11.5 squares!

We're officially into week 30 now and have less than 10 weeks left before our sweet baby boy changes us forever! ...Feeling a whirlwind of emotions as Labor Day approaches. I got Kevin a watch for Father's Day this past weekend and although it was an incredibly special day for us, he knows it doesn't compare to all the Father's Days to come. I can't really put into words how thankful I feel to have someone like Kevin to share the journey of parenthood with.

The baby is now almost 3 lbs and just over 15 inches from crown to heal. His brain and lungs are in a period of super-growth and I'm concentrating on getting as much calcium as possible lately, since 250 milligrams of calcium are now being deposited into the baby's skeletal system every day!

It's getting a bit more difficult to sleep at night between bathroom trips, exceptionally hot weather, an active baby, and not easily finding a comfortable position. Sometimes, I even have Kevin literally give me a push or pull to get out of bed! I've continued walking and doing some yoga stretches every day to stay limber as well. I've said it before, but I'll say it again- I know I can't get ahead of myself with being uncomfortable yet because it's not like the next 10 weeks will get any easier. So for the time being, I'm putting on a brave face and saying I feel GREAT!!!

NURSERY UPDATE: Here's a sneak peak at the fabric for the window treatments (which I've decided to make myself) and even some swatches for the bedding (which I'm definitely NOT making myself.) I can't believe I'm taking on such a huge sewing project at this point...I better get to work!

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