Thursday, June 28, 2007

9 weeks to go...

We had our 30-week OB appointment yesterday and the only major news to share is that my doctor believes Baby Erb is currently transverse (sideways.) Which actually makes sense because at times, I've been feeling movement simultaneously on both sides , and was just saying last weekend that I felt more W-I-D-E. Although transverse babies are uncommon, it seemed as though this was no reason to worry, he still has another 5 weeks or so to turn, and we were also reassured when he explained that first pregnancies are most commonly a vertex (the correct head-down) position by delivery. At our 20-week ultrasound, he was still breech (feet-first), so at some point in the past 10 weeks, he's begun to make his way down, but seems to be taking his sweet little time.

We have a busy weekend coming up- my 10 year HS reunion on Saturday, where I plan to answer all "When are you due?" questions with "I'm not pregnant." just to see people's reaction. Followed a couple's shower/brunch on Sunday hosted by Erin Spencer, Britt Metzger and Michelle Byers. We are really looking forward to a fun couple of days surrounded by friends and family!

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Em, Jim and Baby Herndon said...

Erin- Can't wait to see pics of your shower!!