Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're getting close to Turkeytime!

As we count down the days to stuff-yourself-with-food-day, I mean Thanksgiving, I wanted to say how incredibly thankful I am to have the world's best husband and most amazing children. Seriously. When I count my blessings this Thanksgiving, they are at the top of my list. Beautiful, healthy, kind, fun, full of love for one another. Yes, my family is pretty great. ;)

We have a busy week ahead. Kevin has Thursday-Monday off, and let's just say I am so ready for some family-time! (Read: much-needed help with my husband around.) We have two sets of friends coming to visit... (Jeremy and Scott: "The Debut.") And The Pryors! Yippeeee! In case you are looking for us, we'll be checking out the downtown lighting festivities, which I think Preston will love this year. And of course, a fun and per-usual *huge* Erb family gathering at the Fink house. (Which will include a cornbread casserole that I am making. Thanks to Holli for the recipe. If it's a hit, I'll be sure to share it here.) And I may or may not be absolutely *living* for my haircut on Monday.

Not too many pics of the past week... we took things slow and were housebound quite a bit. My poor Preston had Roseola about a week ago, so we are now healthy and ready to take on the turkey! Until next time, here's some cuteness for YOU to be thankful for! :)
CeCe at 11 weeks:

Bunny needs a diaper change:

Sibling love. <3

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Jeremy said...

Just want to say again how very thankful I am for you and we were for your hospitality! Can't wait to see you again next weekend!