Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend '09

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving as much as we did! The day itself was so much fun at Dan and Lisa's and the kids had a blast while we pigged out. Two kinds of turkey, Judy's famous oreo dessert, and plenty of wine. :)

Preston, Jacob and Lucas are our three little monkeys who were all three born within one year. (August 07- August 08) The only time they were still the entire day was when Aunt Lisa got these legos out...

He was kind of overwhelmed with 21 of us there at first but then became more comfortable and played with his cousins the rest of the day until he was absolutely worn out.

Here he is tasting Grandma's oreo dessert - an Erb kid favorite- for the first time. Let's just say he didn't hate it.

Here's baby sister in her cute Thanksgiving day dress. Her little smile is just never ending. We are so thankful for a happy baby!

Here she is with Daddy in their stripes. I think they look so much alike in this picture:

On Saturday night, Kevin and I took part in a long-time Fort Wayne family tradition. We loaded up the kids and headed downtown to see the Santa, the wreath, the big tree on Calhoun, and have some Coneys. We had an absolute BLAST! Downtown was packed. Preston was so excited and ran as fast as he could yelling, "I'm running fast to da lights!" when we saw the giant candles on the Community Center building. Santa and Mrs. Claus made an appearance, the horse drawn carriage rides were on every corner and even though Coney Island was packed, we braved the line and waited for some dogs. Totally worth it!

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