Thursday, July 30, 2009


...was a day when I thought to myself that I have GOT to replace our camera. And it's only been dead for less than a week. Seriously, it's going on my to-do list for tomorrow. The one point and shoot I really want is more than I should spend, so I'm bargain shopping for another.

But humor me by closing your eyes and trying to imagine this picture:
Preston, with two of the baby's ribbon hair clips in his hair that he refused to take out, smiling up at me with peanut butter smeared on his face. Knowing how ridiculously adorable he looked, he was belly laughing the whole time. Where. was. my. camera??!!

And because I can't make a post without a picture or two, here are some fun shots from the past couple of weeks:
Making a boat out of his sister's bedding:

Spaghetti face and playing with dad:

Hanging out at the pool with Aunt Heather and Jacob:

We have a busy and fun-filled long weekend ahead as Kevin has 4 days off- whooo-hooo! Fort Wayne Tin Caps game, Kevin and I taking Preston golfing for the first time- can't wait to see him ride in the cart! Babies and Books and final summer reading program prize at the library, dinner with our neighbors and their little boy who is just a few months younger than P, Kevin winning his annual golf tournament, the Fort Wayne Open with his friends (haha), continue working on the kids' rooms, and depending on the weather, a possible trip the lake on Sunday to see Grams. Will update soon!

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Norine said...

You MUST get a new camera! I just love all these photos. I could just eat that little guy!! So, so sweet. I'm really glad you do this b/c it makes it so nice for those of us who don't live close. One of these days I WILL get to meet P., oh, and Kevin, too!