Friday, July 17, 2009

giant balloon

It's TRF time! Fort Wayne's Three River's Festival is always fun so we've made a few trips down to see what they have going on this year. We stopped by Chalk Walk, sponsored by the awesome Fort Wayne Museum of Art, where Kevin and I used to chalk a square every year. We've sort of let that go since I was pregnant with Preston two years ago, we had an active 11 month old last year, and here I am, pregnant again. Kevin did arrange for Labov and Beyond to sponsor a square, and got a few of the designers to do it. Next year, we are totally stepping up to the plate again. (promises promises) There are always these giant balloon arches and lots of cool stuff for kids, and Preston got one of the balloons. What can I say, I guess he has connections. :)
Check this thing out!

We had a play date scheduled at the Three Rivers IPFW Children's Fest this morning, but Preston's pal Stella got sick. And we did make a trip to the famed "junk food alley" which they now call just "food ally." (as if taking the work "junk" out of the name makes it magically healthier.) By the way, two gyros and an onion blossom cost us $22 even. That's right- no drink, no extras... just those three items, none of which were as good as we'd hoped, cost $22. Maybe I'm cheap, but I was shocked.

I also plan on heading down to The TRF Marketplace later today or tomorrow to see some of the cute bag vendors and look for a good diaper bag for the new baby, as my diaper bag from Preston is more worn than I would like and I want one with a great shoulder strap I can hang over the bar of a double stroller.

Speaking of double strollers, anyone have any good recommendations? 8 weeks left till d-day!

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