Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spring time update!

Preston has just been cracking us up lately and he's becoming so much more like a little boy and less like a baby. He's talking in 4 word sentences and saying things like "Mama, bus right there!" Then, after the bus passes, he says, "More bus!" If we see another bus then, he'll say "More bus right there!" He's also doing this hysterical thing where he goes to get in his little tykes car, and says, "bye bye! Day!" (We say bye bye and have a good day to Kevin every morning.) And I'll ask where he's going and he'll say, "Wort!" (Work) Then, he'll go, "Meenings." (Meetings!) OMG- we think it's so funny.

We spent some time in Jasper with our friends the Pryors last weekend and Preston had a wonderful time playing with Emma. Emma is my Goddaughter and Preston is Natalie's Godson, so our time with eachother's kids is really special. There were a couple of times that Preston would watch Emma, who is turning 3 in July and just seem to act so much older like her. He'd approach her with "Hey Emma." And as just another example, the other day, he called me "mom." MOM?? Are you kidding? When did he turn 5? Anyways, the ride down was hard for Preston and he got car sick once on the way, but we had a great time with friends and the return was much easier. How cute are these two?

We also went to see my brother Collin play in a golf tournament here in Fort Wayne recently. Preston is currently interested in golf, so he thought it was pretty cool to see his uncle tee off right by us and yelled "Sod Sob!" (Good job?). I was an idiot and didn't realize we'd follow him for a while while walking and didn't bring the stroller. It was 90 degrees and I am getting bigger, so the thought of carrying him was horrible and Dawn and Tori stepped up to the plate. (Thanks guys!) Here he is with Aunt Tori outside of the clubhouse.

I've mentioned before, Preston is obsessed with trucks of any kind. When he was about 18 months old, Kevin searched YouTube for truck footage and a new hobby was born. Now, when Preston see's Kevin's laptop, he begs to watch trucks. Kevin gives in about twice a week, but it could keep Preston occupied for hours if we'd allow it. He loves to sit on the couch with his dad and talk about what he sees. And he usually gets so excited that he want to pull the laptop onto his lap and hold it himself.

We've reached the halfway point of this pregnancy. I can't believe it. Where is the time going?! I am feeling great and seem to be past 99% of my nausea and 75% of my exhaustion. Baby girl is moving a lot lately and remains nameless. We do have a few ideas, though. She weighs about 10 oz and is almost the length of a banana.

Our newest dilemma is whether or not to get a new crib for the baby. She'll be in our room for awhile, so we could use Preston's crib for her once he's ready for a big boy bed and she's ready to transition for the crib. Or, we could get her a crib and leave Preston in his until he's actually ready. OR, we could get Preston a convertible crib that becomes a toddler and double bed for later on and give his crib to the new baby before she gets here. We are torn because I definitely don't want him to feel like she's taken over his sleeping space or that we are rushing him out of his room. He hasn't ever attempted to climb out of his crib, so part of me thinks "Why mess with a good thing?" But I also think, "if I could avoid buying another crib, that would be nice." We'll see.

We have four flowering Crab Apples in full bloom right now at our house and they are just gorgeous. One is right outside Preston's bedroom and you can see the branches that brush up against both of his bedroom windows. Every day after his nap when I open the blinds, he says "flow flow" with a huge smile. Happy spring!

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