Sunday, January 11, 2009

Recent Preston Pics!

In keeping with my new years resolution, I thought I'd update the blog with some pictures.

Preston loved having extra time with Kevin over the holidays since he had so much time off work. I have to take a moment to say what a amazing dad Kevin is. He absolutely lives for Preston and the time they spend together is a treat for both of them. When I was down and out with the flu one day in between Christmas and New Years, Kevin loaded Preston up and took him to the golf store. While they were there, Preston got to practice some putting skills and apparently, thought that he was pretty good because Kevin said he took off with the putter a few times.

Here he is after helping daddy change a light bulb- also while I was sick on the couch...

Playing with his new "learning mower" from Grandma and Grandpa:

Lovin' on Bunny. Actually, have I ever blogged about Bunny? He is truly a member of our family and to say that Preston loves him is a gross understatement. He is literally Preston's favorite thing in the world. We received Bunny as a baby gift when I was pregnant and from about 7 months on, he and Preston have been inseparable. Recently, Bunny's eye thread came loose and Preston is now walking around going, "Oh no. Uh-oh!" while he points out the injury to us. It's really sad, so I scoured the internet for another one. Problem is, the company's newest version of this toy has carrot embroidery on one side and Preston's does not. I was lucky enough, after an hour of serious internet searching to find the non-carrot version and put my order in. Hopefully it will be here in the next few days.

Having a blast at It's Playtime!

Being a stinker and throwing a little fit:

We've had a busy couple of weeks around here and the kitchen is STILL not done. The cabinet guys (shocker) have run into some problems, so I'm going on 8 days of having my stove and dishwasher sitting in our formal dining room. Everything is boxes- it's like we've just moved in. I'm being told Tuesday of this week, but Kevin and I are both better on Friday. Wanna make a guess? I'll take bets...


Jessica & Todd said...

My goodness...he has gotten big! The pictures are great, especially the nakie ones! :) Hope all is well.

Maya Laurent said...

I'm glad to see someone else's boy likes to play naked. I kept thinking it was just us! Ha ha ha!