Friday, January 16, 2009

17 months!

Is is just me, or is there NO WAY our sweet baby could possibly be 17 months old? Honestly, I look at this little boy before me and wonder where that tiny newborn has gone? As we approach the year and a half mark with Preston, we are constantly reminded why parents are perpetually tired- this kid doesn't stop. He can tear apart a room in 20 seconds and leave days of messes in his trail. He can go from one activity to another like a wind up toy and still have energy to keep going long after we've konked out from chasing him.

He's talking in 2 or 3 word sentences- even if it's mostly just for Kevin and me, and his now has a vocabulary of probably close to 70+ words. I'd say 25% is recognizable to others and over half of what he says is recognizable to us. He's much more verbal around just the two of us- probably because that's when he's most comfortable and confident with his vocabulary since we understand him the most.

He's almost 22 lbs and getting taller every day- although we haven't measured him in a while since it's hard enough to get him to hold still just to change his diapers. We've been meaning to get a cute growth chart so he can watch his progress, but suffice it to say he's still tall and thin. :)

In other news, the cabinet guys finished Friday afternoon. (Even though we were told last Monday- I'd just like to point out that Kevin and I called it! - We said all along that it would be Friday of this week and unfortunately we were right.) Oh well- they are done and I am very happy with them. I am so ready for people to be out of our house all day long. This has been going on since we moved here in September. Wait- scratch that- since we bought the house a year ago- although I much prefer NOT living in a home that is under construction. So- the last few things to be done in the kitchen are the microwave installation above the stove which our contractor's electrician is doing, the cabinet doors need to be adjusted, the hardware needs affixed and we need to paint. (We are doing the painting ourselves.) I promise to take some pics once we are done. Until then- enjoy these of Preston over the past few weeks...

Look at this face!

"You shake my nerves and you rattle my brain."
Having a blast at the toy store:

Hanging out at home - snackin' on banana and rollin' in the living room.


Betsy King said...

Seeing so many Miles clothes kills me! It's like, "Oh man, my little guy is so grown up!" (But it's good to relive the memories through Preston!)

Ok, so what awesome toy store has a "baby grand." Awesome! Miles needs that!!!

Oh wait! Now I know what you are getting Miles for his big day! ; ) Hee hee. JK. Itching to see those cabinets!!!!

Holli said...

He was SO cute with the piano that day...somebody definitely needs to buy it for him! Love you and love that little munchkin! xoxo