Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Countdown!

Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season! And we have a very full month ahead. As most of you know, Kevin and I have to reign ourselves in to keep from putting our Christmas tree up the day after Halloween, but we at least wait until the 2nd or 3rd week in November. We are signing carols, attending tree lightings and lights festivals and playing in the snow- we can't help it... the holidays just sweep us up in this whirl of excitement and now that Preston is here, it's only magnified.

Our Thanksgiving was great at Aunt Lisa and Uncle Dan's house- who had enough food for a small army. But Preston had a pretty bad cold, so his time was cut a little short. Playing with his cousins is one of his very favorite things, so he's looking forward to Christmas when he will be feeling better and can really enjoy them. I of course forgot our camera that day, so I will have to wait until one of his aunts or uncles sends some pics so that I can post them.

He's doing well with the tree, but has broken a few ornaments. He gets very excited and says "BAAAAALLL!" and wants to swat at the balls on the tree, but most of the time, we just tell him to do "soft touches." Poor thing- it must be torture for a kid who loves lights to stay away from a Christmas tree. We are headed to Elkhart for brunch next Sunday where he'll meet Santa. Hopefully, he'll Santa that he wants the "Fold and Go Farm" by Melissa and Doug toys and a few books and puzzles. ...just sayin'.

He is really getting into "helping" me lately. He helps me sweep the floors, throws his diapers away and helped me make cookies the other day. (Just the pre-cut sugar cookies- he's not ready for real baking yet.) Well, neither is Mommy, but that's another story in itself.

We went to the Festival of Trees with Uncle Matthew, Aunt Heather and Jacob last weekend. It was VERY difficult for him this year. We did not take the stroller and he wanted to walk around and not hold our hand. But it was packed full of people, so we had to carry him most of the way through the Embassy, which was not easy. Gorgeous display of trees as always, but what were we thinking not bringing the stroller?? Definitely too much to ask of him as this stage.

Also, I am happy to say that Kevin's suprise party last weekend was just that- a total surprise. He swears he had no idea. Thanks to all who came to Paula's to celebrate his 30th birthday- especially Matt and Natalie who were in town with my precious Goddaughter, Emma. It meant so much to Kevin to have all his friends and family there- what a night! Here are some pics from the weekend fun:

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Betsy King said...

Love this blog post! He is soooo cute! (He is ROCKIN those outfits too!)

My favorite one is of him baking. Great idea!!!! He's so smart!!!

Sooooo bummed we missed the party. That photo of Kevin is HILARIOUS!!!!!!

Lots of love to the Erbs! (PS Thanks for listening to be BABBBLE on last night. Jeez, I can talk for ever. Sorry!