Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Little (rein)Deer

With each post here, I marvel at how much our little guy is changing, but the biggest change in the past few weeks has been his ability to communicate. Preston is a chatterbox. (Now where in the world does he get that?! hmm. Anyways, as I was saying...) His speech has just taken off by leaps and bounds lately and I'd say that we understand what he's saying 90% of the time. He has a vocabulary of just over 40 words that we understand cleary and is now stringing a few words together, not to mention his babble that obviously means something to him and he takes very seriously. It's amazing to watch his little brain grow and learn at this stage- we are having so much fun lately!

Lots of Christmas activities to report this post.
Starting with last weekend for Kevin's birthday, we went to the Santa Brunch at Elcona with Grandpa and Grandma Roberts. Let me tell you- THIS is the way to go, folks. No waiting in line with strangers, a perfectly nice Santa in front of a sleigh at your parent's country club amidst a delicious me up for the next decade. He was a little scared of Santa, but recognized him and waved even though it took a few tries to get him warmed up. I tried to hand him over a few times, but he'd pull back so I refused to force him. But I did have some luck getting him to the jolly old fellow if I was holding him. I didn't have my camera, so we are waiting on Grandpa to send more pictures, but here is a picture of the polaroid picture they gave us as a souveneir. (yes, I said polaroid.)

And a picture of him in the Reindeer mask that he received as a favor from the brunch:

He's as playful as ever- with us, with his friends and with Ruby. Here he is this past week spending time with Finn Adams and his doggie.

We were out to dinner the other night with his Nana Connie, my grandma Joan and Papa Sherm and he found another Santa at the restaurant that- for whatever reason, was more appealing than the real one. Perhaps it was the choo-choo that Santa was painting?

The weather has been so cold and gross that we're pretty desperate to get out of the house most days. So we've been bundling up and heading to the library. I don't know if I mentioned that our main plan for Christmas is to get Preston just one nice gift and a few small things. We decided to get him the Melissa and Doug Fold and Go Barn with a coral and some farm animals as the big gift, but we debated back and forth forever between that and a play kitchen. I found several wood ones that we really liked, but I've noticed that whenever we are somewhere with a kitchen, he's not all that into it, so we opted for the barn. Well, I made the god-awful trip to Toys R Us last week and bought it, only to be surprised the next day when, at the library, he played intently with the kitchen for the better par of an hour. Go figure. He really does love almost anything farm-related, so I hope he likes the fold and go barn just as much. Here are some shots of my little library chef!

Here he is checking out the Charlie Brown Christmas Special... just like last year... and it's still Daddy's favorite night of the holiday season. :)

And just for fun- a few pics of our little guy a year ago this week at almost 4 months old... you can tell he wasn't mobile yet because he was so fat. :) Like I said, he's SO much more fun these days, but ahhh how I long for those sweet little onesies and newborn loviness. What a difference a year makes!


Anonymous said...

What amazing pictures! He is the true meaning of holiday joy for all of us! The one of him with Finn is hilarious!
Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

OMG, he has turned into such a little man. It's unbelievable. Just don't push the bumblebee!! What a doll. I luv him.

Aunt Kristin