Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Mac is back!

And I can post again! Notice I'm a bit behind on my blogging? Sadly, my macbook laptop recently crashed and my hard drive was fried in the process. I lost many many pictures, but thankfully because we had just had a new hard drive installed in March, I do have all the pictures up to that point. (Including Preston's first moments after being born which I was most concerned about after the initial crash.) So, I am missing March-October in pictures, but Matt Adams is a Mac miracle worker and was able to save the computer's life. We are still trying to get the more recent images, but I do have some saved online and on the blog as well. Very sad- but we are now back up and running and I'm snapping pics like crazy. Suffice it to say I'll be more diligent about backing up my images on an external hard drive from here on out.

So- in an effort to catch up on the last several weeks- here's what's new-
Preston is running! I swear he's a track star in training. We are in total disbelief at how fast he is. Running away from us and Ruby, and squeeling with glee as he does. It's pretty cute, but also a little frustrating when we are trying to put his diaper and jammies on after bath time.

He's talking so much I can't believe it. He says shoe and sock! Along with about 20 other words. He'll repeat sounds of words if we ask him to, as well. For example, we'll ask, "Can you say closet?" To which he'll repeat at least the first part of the sound. Usually it would end up sounding like "closss." He can make about 10 animal sounds. And if he is wearing something with a picture on the front, he loves to check himself out in the mirror and point to it and say "dog" or "ball" or whatever may have tickled his fashion fancy that day. He's learning that Santa says "ho ho ho," and can point to some body parts when asked where they are. He does pat-a-cake and walks around saying "Roooollllllllll. Rolllllll" doing the roll sign with his hands.

He just had his 15 month appointment and he's only in the 5th % for weight and still in the 50-75th% for height. His doctor is not concerned because he's so active and he obviously has his dad's super human metabolism, but said to keep pushing high fat/high cal foods. It makes sense looking back because he diet really does consist of mostly lean protein, produce and whole grains along with whole milk. I am having a hard time finding stuff to offer that is both high fat, high cal and also healthy without being laden with preservatives or chemicals. He also had his first vaccination shot and he didn't even FLINTCH! Didn't cry, didn't fuss, I gave him a cracker and that was it- he was more interested in the RN who gave it, what she had in her hand and the bright yellow band aid they were putting on. What a brave boy! :)

He's got 7 teeth- 4 on top and 3 on bottom. A little uneven, but the other bottom one is on it's way, I think.

He loves music and dancing! It's so funny and I'll have to post some video, but this kid hears music and starts to break it down like Usher. Ok, maybe not like Usher, but at least like Daddy.

We have one of the Christmas trees up alreaday. (I know, I know... but we've at least waited this long.... we had to restrain ourselves from putting it up the day after Halloween.) And he's totally enamored with it. We've taught him to touch it gently because the first few times, he wanted to excitedly BAT at each of the ornaments. Also, by putting one up early, it helps to desensitize him to the big one that will go in the living room.

He's been a trooper with having lots of people in and out of the house as the kitchen is still in reno mode. The sink, faucet and countertops are in and we are more than ready to have the cabinets done. Can't happen soon enough. Not only because we are living with a half-finished kitchen but also because it's proven to be difficult to keep Preston asleep for naps while saws are running and walls are being banged downstairs. He's actually made friends with some of the sub contractors who've been working here and grown accustomed to walking on drop cloths. Hurry up, kitchen. We're ready.

So now that I feel a bit caught up, here are some pictures from the past few weeks. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving planned and is gearing up for our favorite time of year- Christmas and New Years!!!


Anonymous said...

That picture of him standing in the dining room in his coat and hat is the cutest thing I've ever seen. What a joy he is!
Love, Nana

John King said...

WOW! That little baby has SUDDENLY turned in to a little b-o-y! How did he get so big! I swear I just saw him a month ago...

SO cute! I need some Erb time. Miss you three.