Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer fun

This summer is flying by so fast, we can hardly believe it. In the meantime, Preston is having a blast. This last week, he's made trips to the zoo, the lake, and had two friends come into the world!

First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS TO MATT AND HOLLI ADAMS!!! Finley Ellsworth Adams came into the world on Wednesday, June 18 (11 days late!) at 6:50 pm. He weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 20 inches long. Mom and Dad are doing great and Preston loves him already. We are so excited for Finn to get a bit bigger so he and P can play!
Look at this precious little thing!

And what are the odds, that on the same day in Chicago, our friends BRITT AND BEN METZGER would also be having their baby!? Britt wasn't due until July 3rd, so she went early. We'd like to say a huge, "Welcome Luke Benjamin Metzger!!" Baby Luke weighed 8lbs and looks so much like his older siblings, Lauren and Miles. Preston can't wait to meet him! I love his wrinkly newborn feet here:

At my mom's group last week, Preston was really interactive with the other kids. It was a meeting about women who've nursed more than one baby so there were several "older" brothers and sisters of the babies there, most were under 4 years old. Preston joined them right away and helped himself to the toys in the community toy box. The older kids didn't mind, but he is one of the only babies brave enough to venture that far away from mom. He comes back to check in every once in awhile, but for the most part, he's very comfortable there and loves seeing the other kids. It's been such a treat to have this group to attend and allow him to socialize and it's been paramount in my decision to keep nursing him!

There has been a lull in family activity at Lake James, so Kevin has allowed Preston to "drive" the boat. He loves it. Any time he's out in the sun, however, we have to load sunscreen on him. He had pink arms from a day at the park early in the summer and I felt awful! He didn't seem to notice, but to looking at his baby white skin and thinking of him ever getting a burn makes me cringe. You'll also notice he's pretty much wearing this hat every day to shade the sun from his face and eyes, since he immediately rips off his cute little sunglasses.

On Monday of this week, I made not one, but TWO trips to the zoo. One in the early morning with the Erb family and all of Preston's cousins, (except Lily whom we missed terrilby!) and the other with Natalie and Emma. It was so wonderful seeing the Pryors, as always, and it was a total treat for Nat and I to spend time with our Godchildren. I taught Emma how to say "So?" to her parents and was promised that I'd be sorry in a few months when Preston could talk. ;) Here are some pics of Preston's multiple zoo trips and playing with his sweet pal, Emma.

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