Monday, July 14, 2008

Pics and such

It's been such a long time since I've made a blog post, that at the very least, I wanted to post some pics and give a few updates on our amazing little Preston before he goes off to college. I promise to post more in-depth when I have more time!

This kiddo is constantly on the move!
Crawling, cruising and taking some almost-steps, he's not happy sitting still for long!

Here's a little video of us recently after brunch at Potawatomi:

He'll be 11 months this week and his vocabulary is growing and he's definitely communicating with us in every way he possibly can. He points at things he wants, shakes his head "no" and generally gets his point across pretty well. He can say "Mama," "Da," "Hi," "Bye," and "Meow." He loves cats- don't as me why, as we are much more of the dog-sort and don't even own a cat, but his eyes light up if he sees a picture of one, and he gets extremely excited if he sees one in person. Matt and Holli Adams have two cats, and he's in heaven over there! My sister Tori is concerned that he might end up as an unmarried 50 year old with an apartment full of them. (yikes.)

So....that's in in a very concise nutshell. Like I said- I will make a proper post soon, but for now this will have to do- he's trying to climb the stairs as I type- gotta go!


Betsy King said...

I'm telling you, just say the word and the hot dog cart is YOURS!!!

; ) Miles LOVES to say Meow! I NEED to get them on video saying it!!

Anonymous said...

It's about time Bonka! Sheesh, I cannot handle it. Thank God for Betsy and keeping me in touch DAILY! Crazy concept, but you should catch on. Cannot wait for his first bday party, it'll be a blast. Got it down on calendar! xoxo

Aunt Kristin