Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Preston is mastering the art of imitation. When he's in the highchair, I'll sometimes hand him a piece of food, and he'll offer me one back. We stick out our tongue and he does the same, I sing the ABCs and he raises his voice and tries to sing along. He'll jibber a "bah," "da," or "la" and I'll say it back and we'll go back and forth like that for a while. Or, when we take a drink out of a water bottle, he instinctively opens his mouth and leans towards it. All of these things sound adorable, but recently, he's figured out how to feed Ruby and it's his very favorite thing in the whole wide world.

The not so adorable thing about his new imitation skill is that he recently was crawling around on the floor in just a diaper and watched Ruby eat a cracker that he'd left behind. (What can I say, he's comfy in his diaper, it was 85 degrees in my house and we didn't have th air on, and not to mention- when he crawls on the floor in clothing, he ends up looking like a dust mop.) Well, he set his own cracker down and immediately tried to EAT IT OFF THE FLOOR. Like dog, like baby. I know, I know- it's oddly disturbing, but you've gotta admit, it's a little bit genius, too. ;) Luckily, the camera was right on hand and I was able to take some pictures of the whole thing.

We've been busy again over the last week. One thing we've done a couple of times is head to the pool with Holli. It's completely empty during the week and with the Adams Baby due at any moment, she enjoys being in the water. Preston had fun once again this week and he's always thankful to have someone swim with him! Stay tuned for details on this much-anticipated arrival, by the way. Maybe if I can pull myself away from the baby, I'll actually post a blog to let everyone know when he's born.

This past Sunday was Preston's new cousin, Jacob's baptism. We had a nice day, and even though Preston and I unfortunately missed the ceremony because he was napping, we got in for the action at the family dinner afterwards at Grandma and Grandpa Erb's. Preston had fun and after some time playing in their gorgeously landscaped yard with his cousins, aunts, and uncles, he finally zonked out on Daddy's lap with a water bottle in a death grip. Looks comfy, huh?

Here are some other random shots of P from this past week. If you wonder why I take so many in the high chair, it's because he's still and contained, which is a rare ocurance lately now that he's constantly on the move and cruising the furniture. Speaking of cruising, check out my big boy!!!


Michelle said...

My little guy is doing the same thing as far as imitation! You should check out a video I have on my blog.. he copies me blowing raspberries. It's adorable. My little one loooves our pet also. My baby Ryder is 8 months and still not interested in crawling AT ALL! How old was yours when he started?
Cute blog :)

zaphiro said...

OH MY GOSH! too cute!!!

i can't wait to be back in the fort and when i am, i definitely have to see the P! (and if holli and matt have had their little one, i hope to see them, too!)

hope things are well with you. we need to catch up!

miss you sweetpea!