Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Daddy's home and Preston's grown!

Well, in typical Erb-fashion, it's been a crazy few weeks, so forgive my lack of posting.

Kevin just returned from a week away in Phoenix. (Oh, and by the way, my mom's family is in Hawaii and my dad's family is in Turks and Caicos.) Hmmmm..... it seems everyone is someplace warm while Preston and mommy are stuck in cold, cloudy, murderous Fort Wayne. (Yep- 7 homicides in 9 days here.)

While Kevin was gone, P and I kept busy by spending a day at the outlets with a few of my pregnant girlfriends. We all went crazy buying baby clothes, but they had great deals- tons of items were less than $2, and I got Preston stuff that would fit him next fall and winter, so I was practical, too.

Thankfully, we had some nice weekend weather and spent tons of time outside... here are some pictures of us in the sun last Sunday morning.

On Monday afternoon, when we picked Kevin up from the airport, Preston immediately became super chatty and animated. I'm not sure if he fully understood that he was gone for 5 days, but I do think he noticed Daddy was missing and was very happy to see him. Also, coincidence or not, the entire way home, he did this new "dadaddda dada daddddad" sound. It was a nice afternoon so we put Preston in the Adams' jogging stroller, (that they are generously letting us borrow!) and took a stroll to the new house. It was nice to be there and see all the bulbs popping up in the landscaping. We took a blanket and had an impromptu picnic in back yard. It was the first time Preston has really experienced being in grass and he was a little unsure of it. He'd reach out and touch it and then quickly pull his hand away. Then, repeat it again and study the blades- it was fascinating to watch him try to figure it out. Here's a little video where you can see he's rolled over onto his belly, but won't lay completely flat because of the grass. Too cute!

He had his 7-month well-baby check this week. He's 17 and a half pounds and almost 30 inches in length! Preston falls into the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height. His head circumference is in the 80th percentile. Yes. I said 80th. Have I mentioned my long labor? He's eating solids 2 or 3 times a day lately and we've even begun giving him cheerios to practice his pincer grasp. Sometimes, we'll let him gnaw on things we are eating, especially fruits which he loves. I've been reading lately about how children learn to feed themselves by exploring with foods that are presented by the parents - without cleaning their face or hands. I don't plan on doing this often, but did attempt it the other day. This is what happened.

Needless to say, he went in the tub IMMEDIATELY afterwards.
He really does enjoy eating in his high chair for the most part. Although he usually studies how to get out.

We are still attending weekly moms and play groups and he's really starting to become more social with the other babies. It's so awesome to watch him grow in that way. His interaction with others is one of my favorite things about him right now. And even though it keeps me on my toes, his mobility and curiosity is such a delight. I am so thankful that we have a such a sweet and engaging little boy. Here are few other shots from the past couple of weeks- enjoy!
At our mom's group reading. ;)

With his new cousin, Jacob:

Almost crawling!

Fresh out of the bath:

Playing with Ruby:


Betsy King said...


Love the blog Erin! I miss the mom 2 mom groups that I never would go to.

: )

Jessica & Todd said...

What a big boy! It is crazy how much he is changing! I love the one of his messy face! He has the best smile and I can't help but smile when I see his cute little face! Hope to see you guys soon! :)