Wednesday, April 16, 2008

8 Months Old!

Can you believe it? There is no way that it's been 8 months since my water broke and we rushed to the hospital. Today, Preston is a curious and busy little man who never sits still and brings us unending joy. Even as I type this, he's crawled out into the hallway and is pulling on a drawer handle. WAIT- did I say "crawling?" Yep. In the last week, Preston has mastered the world's fastest army crawl. He's so quick, that it has been difficult to catch on camera, but I got this in his room this morning.

He's getting into everything these days, which- as I've mentioned before- is a nightmare while trying to keep our house picked up for showings. Speaking of the house, we've had more traffic this last week then every before, so our fingers are painfully crossed! Anyways, back to P getting into things. It was finally time to break down and buy outlet covers. He could be in a room full of toys and still be liable to wiggle over and prefer to stick his fingers in the sockets. He hasn't actually done this quite yet, thankfully, but let's just say it's been narrowly avoided. His favorite thing these days is swinging doors, flipping light switches, pulling the laundry chute door, grabbing open cupboard doors, and basically anything that is NOT a toy like the remote, coasters, our cell phones, etc... If it's small and colorful, forget it.

We recently stopped in to see Kevin at work and had I known Kevin wore a RED golf shirt that day, I would have dressed Preston appropriately to match. Until then, he's proud to wear pink.
He's our little prep with his little polo shirt and popped collar!

The Allen County Main Library has an AWESOME section for kids, and I've taken him before, but now that he's more interactive, Kevin and I took him this last Sunday... the weather was crap so we decided to immerse ourselves in books. What did he want in a room full of baby toys and fun accessories to play with? The metal sign. Although we were able to distract him with a block for a few minutes. Thankfully, the entire trip wasn't a wash. ;)

We've been going to the playground at Foster Park near our house a lot and just this week, tried Preston in their swings for the first time. He loved it- check it out-

These past 8 months have been the most fulfilling (and trying) of our lives. We can't wait to see what lies in store with this amazing little guy!


Betsy King said...

AWESOME hanging out with you guys today!!! I think we'll buy a jogging stroller and leave it at your house so we can take fun walks like today all the time!!!!

Man, time FLIES when we hang out! When John and I first started dating we used to say our time together was never long enough. I feel that way about you guys! (I'm so cheasy!)

BTW, Love the pink polo. Very cute! Now, you guys need to all throw on some khakis, a matching yellow polo for you and baby blue polo for kevin and let me take your pic. ; ) hee hee.

Anonymous said...

He is so cute, I can't stand it. Counting the minutes until I can see the little mover again! Love the vid. That face!
Love you Baby P (and mom and dad and Ruby)

Holli said...

OMG! I've got to go to the park with you and see him in the swing! I can totally hear his laughter...such a cutie! And he can really pull off pink...especially with the popped collar ! :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, look at that crawl! Love that sweetness. xo

Aunt Kristin