Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Preston meets a president

Let me begin this blog with a caveat by saying that while Kevin and I are not personally big Bill Clinton fans, we are, however big democracy fans and respect him as a popular past president. And the term "big fans" of Bill is relative, right? I mean- let's face it- there are people out there (some even reading this blog) who really live and breathe the Clintons. Regardless, he still came to Fort Wayne for a talk on Hillary's campaign, so I loaded Preston up and with three of my girlfriends, Holli, Kristin, and Emily, we headed to Fort Wayne's Grand Wayne Center downtown and decided to take in the hoopla for ourselves. It was PACKED full of over 2000 people and somehow, we waltzed right up to the front and got a great spot.
Look how close we were!

A secret service agent (OMG- secret service!) even winked at me with a sleeping Preston on my chest and whispered to ask how old he was. I smiled and whishpered back, "Seven Months. He's a pumpkin." He just nodded and smiled and looked away, forced to do his job, but I knew what he really wanted to do was chat about how cute he was and ask me everything about him. (Seriously, who could blame him?) :)

You can see how close we were to him in this pictures, and at the end, I was able to shake his hand. So- no matter how popular (or UNpopular) Bill Clinton may be, it was pretty exciting that Preston is less than a year old and has already seen a US President in person.

Speaking of big names, I get to brag about my hubby for a minute. Kevin was recently recognized as a participant in "Text and Textures," the most recent exhibit opening at Fort Wayne Museum of Art. It's an amazing exhibit that features what they refer to as, "prominent community leaders with an interest in the arts." AWWW! Kevin was asked to choose a piece of art from the museum's permanent collection and display it with a poem of his choosing. While we couldn't photograph the picture in the gallery on display, I can tell you that it was a large piece by Gene Davis and a poem about fatherhood by William Butler Yeats. Afterwards, his entourage of family and friends hit Biaggi's for dinner in Kevin's honor. Preston was out well past his bedtime and still did great. Here he is at the table with his Aunt Kim:

In the same week, Kevin was also recognized in Fort Wayne's Business Weekly's feature "Career Path." All this publicity prompted his new family nickname, the "media darling." lol.

As I mentioned last week, I wanted post a few pictures of him in his high chair. It's a wee-little "space saving" high chair that doubles as a booster seat when the baby is older and sits in on of our dining room chairs. He loves it and now sits with us as we eat dinner and is eating many of his meals in it. In these shots, I mashed up some banana, but before long, he'll have Cheerios and small bites of our table food up there!

No luck on getting a wave on video, but hold on to your hats- this is darn cute! Preston has learned the "social cough" and he thinks it's hilarious when we cough back at him. Here we are hanging out at home early in the week:

Hope everyone is having a good week- we are headed to Elkhart for Easter and ANXIOUSLY awaiting the arrival of Preston's new cousin. Any day now- hurry up, Aunt Heather!!!

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