Wednesday, August 22, 2007


You may be wondering why I've waited so long to post here... The answer is simple- I've been changing diapers, nursing and trying to get to know this new little miracle that has finally arrived. Preston Thomas Erb decided to come into the world on Friday, August 17th at 6:41 pm.

I had been feeling some slight contractions the few days leading up to the big event, but around 12:45 on Friday morning, we realized it was the real deal when my water broke. Once your water breaks, you are in a greater risk for infection, and they urge you get the hospital right away, so needless to say, it was a mad rush to get out of the house and make the 30 minute drive to Dupont Hospital from our house. (Although we made it in about 13 minutes!) With contractions coming stronger and closer together on the way, Kevin was carefully flying through town, slowing at red lights and traveling *much* faster than the speed limit. Once we got there, I was hooked up to an IV and we got the birthing suite we were hoping for- with the whirlpool tub and extra sleeping and storage space. Not that we needed it, but it was nice to have anyway. Better yet- my doctor was in the next day and we knew he'd be the one to make it to the delivery.

For most of the beginning hours, my contractions were uncomfortable, but bearable. Later in the morning, however, labor began getting harder, including back labor and a fever, and I requested an epidural. It was wonderful after it set in, but slowed down the contractions and I "stalled" at 6 centimeters. After several hours waiting to further dilate, they began a pitocin drip and waited for things to kick in. My doctor came periodically to check my progress, and returned one last time around 4:15 when I was close to 10 cm and getting ready to push. Around that time, we realized the culprit of the back labor- Preston was posterior, meaning the face-up position. It's a difficult labor situation that frequently ends in a C-Section, but knowing how badly I wanted to avoid one, my doctor and nurse attending the birth worked very hard to turn him. There were several times where things got a bit scary- Preston's heart rate would drop or spike and I was given an oxygen mask and treated with meds for a climbing fever.

TWO hours of pushing later, our son entered the world with his eyes wide open and a soft cry. He was placed on my chest and as we stared at eachother for the first time, Kevin and I both wept tears of joy, relief, and pure elation.

Our first week together has been quite an adventure! So far, Preston's favorite things to do are eat, poop, fuss and sleep. He definitely prefers to be held rather than being put down and he thankfully can sleep for a few hours at a time so far as long as it's on a full belly. He is getting used to his papasan, his swing and the boppy, as other than our arms, those are the places he's spent some time! We aren't getting much sleep right now, but still cherishing every moment with him, knowing how quickly he'll grow up and that we'll be longing for his newborn days again. Ruby has done very well with the adjustment of her new little brother- sniffing him, (but not licking) and rolling over on her back at his carseat when we first brought him home.

While still in the hospital, we learned his bilirubin was elevated, so he's a little jaundice and needs to lay on a strip of UV lights called a "Bili Blanket" when possible. It's a little tedious, since he's tethered to a long tube, but it's only for a few days, and his numbers are already going down. Jaundice is a very common condition that some newborns have when their liver isn't mature enough to filter all the bilirubin out. The treatment includes breastfeeding as much as possible and keeping him in natural sunlight or on the Bili Blanket, that we affectionately call the "light saber" or the "blue light special."

His first doctor's appointment was this morning and he weighed in at 6lbs and 2oz. He's gained 5oz in just his first six days of life. It's reassuring to know he's getting what he needs from the nursing and is on his way to becoming a strong and healthy little boy!

Words cannot describe how much we love him and can't wait to get to get to know him. Welcome to the world, Preston!

First moments with mom and dad-

On the bili blanket-

In Daddy's lap-

Meeting Ruby for the first time-


Nana said...

He's perfect. He's beautiful. I've never been happier. I've loved every minute with all of you. Thank you so much for this incredible gift. He's an unspeakable joy!

Em, Jim and Baby Herndon said...

Wow Erin! Im so happy for you! Those pictures are wonderful and I can't wait to see more.

We go in for an induction on Monday night!