Tuesday, May 1, 2007

TP Tuesday

So it's been awhile since I've given you all a taste of TP Tuesday. (I had actually given up on it, myself.) But this morning, for the heck of it, I measured and sure enough- we have some girth growth! At 22 weeks and 1 day, I'm 11.25 squares.

All in all, things are continuing to go really well. I've had some strange right side rib cage/middle back pain, but I guess that is to be expected when this little guy is pushing every organ upwards. Thankfully, I've got a specialty pregnancy massage coming up... it's called "A Pea in the Pod" (how cute!) from one of our local spas, and if that doesn't help, I've gotten the OK from my doctor to call a chiropractor. The baby is now 11 inches and almost a pound! His facial features are pronounced, he's gaining weight every day and his baby teeth are developing below the gumline. He's still been active, and Kevin FINALLY is feeling movement, which is my favorite part of this pregnancy so far- I can't wait until he's able to feel actual kicks and punches!

My cravings have kicked in and I can't get enough fruit!!! I guess fruit is a good craving to have, but last week I ate an entire watermelon in three days. I inhale apples, grapes, plums, pears, anything sweet and juicy. Don't get me wrong- a burger and fries still sounds delicious, but when it's fruit that I have on-hand, I try to reach for that.

Also, we have started to work on the room! Uncle Christopher came over this weekend to help Kevin move most of the furniture out of the smaller guest room upstairs that will be his nursery. It's looking a bit empty without his crib and changing table, but we do have his rocker and dresser set up. The dresser we are using was mine when I was a baby, so it has special meaning to be able to use it again for our son. However, his closet is filling up quickly, so we purchased some additional shelving that Kevin will install to help our organization efforts. Our nursery to-do-list still consists of: 1. Choose crib bedding (I'm steadily getting fabric samples and searching for the perfect blue.) 2. Getting the crib and changing table. 3. Getting an area-rug if we can find one we like. And 4. Window treatments. We are both really excited to make this a space that will be comforting and tranquil. (And sleep-inducing!) Here are some pics:

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