Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February snow brings March ... sunshine? Please?

Is is spring yet?

The past few weeks have simultaneously flown by and drug on without end in sight. We've had so much snow, it feels like it might never melt (although forecast says 50s this week!) And yet, we've been incredibly busy. We had a fabulous time at The Avett Brothers concert with friends a few weeks back. Dinner and cocktails with 6 other adults felt like a mini vacation to beautiful South Bend, Indiana.

Kevin and the kids were both sick and let me tell you- I am OVER a runny nose. The next time I see a nose running in this house, I will catch it and kill it. You mark my words. However, lots of snuggles and lots of naps around here. What else is there to do with a cold weather skin advisory, level 1 snow emergency and upper respiratory infections? Here's CeCe on the couch hanging with a sick daddy.

Kiddo update:
CeCe is now 17 months and acts like she's 2. I don't know why, but she seems to act so much older than Preston did at this age. She's just as verbal as he was, but there's something so impish about her personality that makes me both laugh and worry. She's constantly seeking a reaction from her brother by taking a toy, dumping a bowl of his snacks, bopping him on the head, etc... Or, unfortunately, seeking a reaction from me by taking one of Preston's toys, dumping a bowl of snacks, bopping her brother on the head and ... playing in the toilet. yep. We've been giving her a consistent and stern "no" for that for about 6 months now, but what can I say? The girl likes to splash in toilet water. It's maddening. She's got 2 canine teeth poking through and 2 more on their way, chatting up a storm and putting a few words together here and there. She's a great eater - her favorite snack is "pesol and hummy," which translates to "pretzels and hummus." And the number one thing that describes CeCe is: obsessed with her dad. She's the biggest daddy's girl I've ever seen. She's loving all things feminine and squeals "Pretty!" when she sees a dress or new hair accessory. I did get her hair into pig tails the other day which was so cute I couldn't stand it.

Preston is obsessed with this show: http://www.nickjr.com/dino-dan/ And consequently, all things dinosaurs. Thanks to the research performed by the writers at Nick Jr, he'll accurately identify a velocyraptor, T Rex, brachiosaurus, and triceratops. I am on the hunt for a preschool for him in the fall and so far, no luck, but I've only visited one place and continue my search later this week. I really wish I could find all of my wish list in one school, but I am not finding that to be an easy task. I started a family yoga class with the kids at Prana this week and the instructor went around the room, asked the kids to introduce themselves and say whether or not they've done yoga before. Here was his response, word for word: "I'm Preston and I've done yoga before with mama." I have no idea why that one sentence that he said aloud to a room full of people melted my heart so much, but it did. He officially turns 3.5 in two days and I can hardly wrap my head around it. My sweet boy.

We've been spending tons of time in our playroom. If I turn on some music and help the kids get interested in an activity, they sometimes play down there for 30-40 minutes at a time. Not a vacation but long enough for me to start dinner or grab a shower. Thank God for that room. I will admit that I'm a big believer in us leaving the house every day, but with the weather the past few weeks, we've broken that rule and been at home much more than normal. Which means we've had to rotate play spaces from their rooms, our living room, crafts in the breakfast nook, and the basement. Have I mentioned how badly I am longing for warm weather to get them outside?
Anyways, thankful for the basement- here they are hanging with my Grandma down there last week, hanging at the water table at Science Central, and BFFs in Preston's room.

We have a pleasantly slow week or two coming up so I'll try to be good about grabbing the camera and catching up on more pics!


Sara said...

Seriously. I love him. He's the sweetest boy, hope he rubs off on my Ollie! Tell me more about this yoga class...

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics of them with Grams. She loves them so much as do I. And those pig tails! I'm "out my mind!" Love them both so much!