Tuesday, January 25, 2011

update for Grams!

Last week, my Grandmother emailed me and reminded me that I needed to update the blog. She said in all caps, "I MISS SEEING MY BABIES!" She's looking for some new pics, so this is for you, Grams!

Last week, I signed Preston and I up for a winter dessert making class with our friends the Spitlers at a cake shop and he LOVED it! We are planning to attend every one possible from here on out! He dipped cookies, painted a chocolate snowman, and decorated a cupcake as a snow globe. He was so proud and I think he should have been- Isn't it great?? Thanks for the pics, Sara!

I have desperately been trying to get a side-profile shot of both kids in order to make some DIY silhouettes. Let me tell you- it's not been easy to snap one of CeCe. The girl moves non-stop. Here are the two from a recent bath that I believe will make the cut. And some cute out-takes of CeCe, as well. :)

Speaking of CeCe, she is talking up a storm lately! I truly feel that there are days where I get no more than 30 seconds of silence at a time all day long. She's putting two words together, saying "thank you" unprompted (melt) understands pretty much everything we say to her. She's showing interest in the potty, *obsessed* with Daddy, and loves to read. She still gets into things WAY more than Preston ever did, but part of that has to be that she does not have my full attention like her brother did.

In Preston news, the preschool search has begun and I've narrowed it down to 2. One is a lottery situation, so I'm going to put his name in, and the other is nearby, and I've heard great things. I know he's ready, but I am not sure I am! Tonight, he assembled a 56 piece puzzle by himself in just a few minutes, and it was only his 3rd time seeing this particular puzzle. He's now napping diaper-free, and we're moving to pull-ups at night soon. Lately, I fear he's dropping his nap. Hence my 30 seconds of silence comment above, I really look forward to that glorious 1.5-2 hrs in the afternoon of down time in the afternoon that they are both asleep and I can pick up the house, start dinner, shower, get online, chat with a girlfriend on the phone without a child pulling on my pant leg, or give some much-needed attention to Ruby. He's always been totally dependent on his naps- please send some sleep daytime vibes our way!

I've said it before, but perhaps my favorite thing of having 2 kids is watching their interaction with eachother. It's PRECIOUS. CeCe just adores and idolizes Preston and he thinks she's a blast because he has a constant audience. Here they are snuggling together as Preston showed her how to work the iPod. How sweet is this!?

I need to brag on Kevin for a moment- he was just named one of Fort Wayne's "40 Under 40!" This is a huge recognition that celebrates the top 40 up and coming business people from around the region of NE Indiana and NW Ohio. I am so proud of him. Way to go, honey! Looking forward to the reception in March.

As for me, I am back to an (almost) daily yoga practice and after searching for a good yoga "home" in Fort Wayne for almost 9 years, have fallen in love with a newer studio just downtown. http://pranayogaschool.com/
I'm also keeping busy with managing the social media aspect of one of Kevin's work accounts, obviously running after the kids, enjoying some wonderful girls nights out, the occasional date with my hubby and constantly trying to stay on top of cleaning this house. This weekend, we are heading to South Bend with the Steeles, the Adams, and the Broughs for a dinner out followed by The Avett Brothers concert at Morris. CANT WAIT!


Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful....and so sweet together. I can hardly stand to be away from them! Wonderful post... and that little Audrey could not be any more adorable. What a delightful friend for P!
Love, Nana

Sara said...

Can I tell you how much I love seeing CeCe in Aud's hand-me-downs?! Makes my heart happy. Love those two.