Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gimme Candy

Happy belated Halloween! We had such a great time this year. Halloween is one of those holidays that is about 1,948,730,629 times better once you have kids. Kevin and I both got into the "spirit" (haha) of things and dressed up- he was a cowboy and I was a witch, complete with green face and all. We had two awesome gatherings to attend before trick-or-treating started at 5.

First, the Erb family has an annual tradition where Judy makes an enormous, delicious meal for all of us. Considering there are 13 grandchildren, it's a perfect time to get them all together while having fun in their costumes. I wish I had gotten more pictures. Everyone was so stinkin' cute, but alas, I was busy stuffing my face with the food and chasing around two toddlers.

From there, we traveled a few blocks away to a friends' house with even more little ones, and then off to trick or treat! Preston had a blast pretending to be a fireman and was so cute collecting his candy. He thanked every person who gave him a treat. CeCe was anxious to get out of the stroller, but was a showstopper in her bee costume, nonetheless. Such fun- already anxious for Halloween next year!

1 comment:

It's me, Betsy said...

Well thank god you are finally on the Halloween bandwagon!!!!!

So where's the witch photos?

The fam looks adorable!!!! I need to move to your neighborhood for halloween fun alone!!! We are pretty much the most spirited fam in the neighborhood here.