Thursday, October 28, 2010

So exciting!

Last month, we had family pictures done for Preston's 3rd birthday, CeCe's 1st birthday, and our seven year wedding anniversary by Vilma Deckena of Gem Photography. Vilma is a saint who, must also be a miracle worker, because she was able to get some great shots on a day that my kids were.... well.... let's just say, not at their best. Thank you, Vilma! Here is a link to our sneak peek on her blog!

Click HERE to see our preview!


Emily said...

WOW ERIN! These photos are absolutely beautiful, and PRICELESS!!!!!!!! You must be so happy!

The Moons said...

Are you kidding Erin, those pictures are absolutely amazing! What a talented photographer...and of course adorable subjects :) Were those all at your house? If so, you couldn't have had a more beautiful, perfect setting!