Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring time fun!

Well, the equinox feels like ages ago and I have only blogged once this month, so I need to bring things up to speed! (thanks, mom for nagging me to update.)

Spring is my favorite season, so we've been outside a ton. I took an awesome gardening class and am currently gearing up for planting. I've ordered a few plants already and can't wait to get them in the ground. I am also currently taking a yoga class that takes place in the FW Botanical conservatory.
It's a great class and it feels wonderful to be back into a regular yoga practice. Namaste!

We kicked off the month celebrating Grandma Judy's birthday. Kevin had to miss it because he was in Baltimore, but the rest of the family had a great time. Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Kevin's been traveling a lot for work, so I've been single-momming it here and finding fun stuff to do with the kids, we've done lots of trips to the park, walks, playdates and just in case any creeps are reading this, installing security systems and stocking up on well-trained attack dogs.

Another interesting March day, we ended up with a stray chihuahua. I opened the back door to let Ruby in, and I saw not one, but two dogs running around the back yard. I asked Preston what he thought it's name was and he said, out of the blue, "Jeff." Where does he come up with this stuff?? After an entire day and two attempts by Animal Care and Control, I was able to coax him on a leash and send him on his way- hopefully to be adopted out.

With the nice weather, we've been spending more time on the porch and I recently caught this shot of Preston texting his buddies. I feel like I just got a glimpse into my future.

This past weekend, we had an egg-hunt extravaganza. We attended the kids brunch and egg hunt at Elcona and then drove to LaPorte for cousin Cameron and Austin's birthday party. And what do you know, that included an egg hunt, too! It was a lot of driving for one day- Fort Wayne to Elkhart to LaPorte back to Fort Wayne. Yikes. But both kids did AMAZINGLY well in the car and we all had a great time. Elcona does such a great job with kids events. They always have a beautiful buffet table set up low to the ground at the kids' level, and a table full of sugar cookies to decorate for whatever holiday it may be. All the kids ran around outside finding eggs. Some kids got several dozen. Preston, egg hunter extraordaire, found two. Two eggs. However, one of those was the highly sought-after "golden egg" that contained a certificate for a kids meal at Elcona. Can't wait to use it next time! He also got to see the Easter Bunny and much to our surprise, absolutely loved him and then hit some balls on the course with Grandpa. A great morning!

That afternoon in LaPorte, he found an entire basket full of eggs (some had money!) with Cameron and Austin's help. We had great food and family fun and enjoyed a darling birthday cake from Adams' cake shop in Elkhart. We bathed the kids there before leaving, loaded everyone up in the car and hit the road. Made it home by around 10 and absolutely crashed. Thanks to the Roberts, Wells and Hansen families for making it a great weekend. We love you!!

The next few weeks are CRAZY with Easter coming up, then Kevin and I are taking the kids to Chicago for the weekend, then CeCe's baptism, but I will try to blog when I find time. Until then, Hoppy Easter! :)

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Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your updates, E.! I just love seeing the kids and enjoy hearing what you've done. Thanks for keeping up with it...I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes it!!

Love to you all!
Aunt Reen