Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Waiting for spring

February absolutely swallowed us whole. I think we saw sun twice the entire month. I may have rickets.

We've kept busy, hence my lack of blogging, but I figured I better bring you up to speed lest you lay awake at night and wonder what the Erbs have been up to. Below, you can see that we've played outside, had the usual playdates, made trips to the library, a trip to Angola to see Grandma Joan and had Nana Connie and Papa Sherm down for dinner. Lots of fun, and good to keep busy when it's so cold and dreary!

First and foremost, Kevin got a new job! Truth be told, he was very happy at LaBov, and was going on five years there of not looking for anything else. Barry was wonderful to us and Kevin will forever be grateful to him for the experience the position provided and all he learned while he was there. But shortly before the holidays, the well-respected Asher Agency here in Fort Wayne wanted to create a position and contacted him to fill it. It was an opportunity for our family that he could not turn down, not to mention a promotion within his field. I am really impressed and proud of him that in this economy, he was pursued for a new position. For now, he'll be working with their major accounts of Subway, National Serve-All, Indiana University football, and a few others. If you get a chance, drop him a line or send him some good thoughts to let him know you are cheering him on. I'm sure he'd appreciate it! kevin.erb@gmail.com

Spring is upon us and along with Kevin's job, we have lots of other changes going on! I just joined weight watchers to try and drop the 25- yes, 25! - pounds CeCe has left me with. Ok, 10 of that is more likely from before Preston, but still.... You get the picture. She turns SIX MONTHS OLD this weekend and I figure if I haven't lost it by now, it's not happening on its own. gahh! Anyways, I lost 5lbs my first two week. Hope that keeps up and by posting it here will keep me accountable. :) Spring is my favorite season, I dream of gardening and have a new gardening class next week at the Botanical Gardens. I also start "Yoga in the Garden" class downtown there in a couple weeks. Very excited for that and to start buying new plants for our yard here.

Another change is that CeCe is sitting up for a minute or two on her own and the big announcement is .... she's got teeth! The bottom two (or at least the left one) are through the gums and other than some unpleasant side-effects such as biting me while nursing, crappy sleep, and complete fussiness, she's been a trooper. Wait, not really. Teething sucks.

Preston is signed up for another gym class that starts next week. This one is called "Ready, Set, Go!" and I hope it wears him out as much as the other one did. He and CeCe are really starting to interact and I absolutely love it. It's by far, the sweetest and more heart warming thing I've experienced so far as a mom of two.

We have a really fun month coming up! Kevin has two trips for work- one to Nashville and the other to Baltimore, but in between, we have family birthdays, a few weekend events, including the FWMOA Gala this coming weekend and the Elcona Easter Egg hunt at the end of the month. Stay tuned for pics of both. Until next time, stay warm and keep manifesting some sun!


The Moons said...

I think I saw grass in one of your pictures...that has to be a good sign :) The last picture is too sweet!!

LIttle Momma said...

What great new photos of your adorable family! Hope that March brings some sunshine and warm weather!

Erin said...

Jen, "Grass in one of your pictures" .... says the gal basking in the warm Arizona sun! haha. If you and Linds make a trip to the Fort Wayne zoo one day while you are here this summer, I expect to see you!

Thanks, Ash! Hope you and yours are staying warm up north! :)