Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome, fall!

It seems like ages since I've posted here. Not only is it rare that I get a free moment these days, we've been busy! We've been really fortunate to have friends, family and neighbors stopping by almost daily with meals, treats and adorable gifts for CeCe, (and Preston! How sweet!) and spending time as a family just enjoying the awesome autumn weather we've been having.

Cecilia will be one month old in just a few days- I can hardly believe it. I need to share her birth story soon, but in the meantime, here are a few cute pictures of her for those of you checking in for a baby fix... (thanks to Betsy for snapping the first two while she was dropping off a delish dinner last week!)

A couple of weekends ago, we attended the local favorite, "Johnny Appleseed Festival." Apparently, we missed the part of Johnny Appleseed that everyone raves about and just saw the part that I affectionately referred to as the "dream catcher" section. (That would be the section of 200 white tents, manned with people dressed as pioneers selling native american wares.) While the rest of Fort Wayne got to experience the vast sea of food, taste homemade breads and stews, visit iron smiths, see copper goods hammered right in front of them, and shop beautiful autumnal crafts. (Mental note to self- check out that section next year.) Anyways, Preston was lucky enough to get his face painted in the dream catcher section and he chose a star! Oh, wait, no he didnt. He chose a football, but the face painter messed it up and said, "Well, we'll make it into a star." (Ever heard of wiping it off and starting over, pioneer lady?) Ok, enough of that. We did love watching the center stage full of little girls clogging, though.

The same weekend, the Saint John the Baptist school/parish festival was calling our name, so we went to that, too. St. Johns is where Kevin attended school, most likely where P and C will attend, and just a few blocks from our home, so we were excited to support it's fundraiser. They had awesome food, games, and a silent auction and raffle. Preston got to ride a peddle car with Daddy and of course loved every second.

In other news, as the summer season comes to an end, we will miss the warm sunny days, playing in the water table and pool, trips to the lake, the golf course, and definitely our CSA! We bought a share of this "community supported agriculture" local organic farm this summer and got 20 weeks- yes 20!!- of locally grown organic produce. Everything from lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, strawberries, corn, squash, raspberries, blueberries, potatoes, peppers of all colors, green beans, broccoli, celery, herbs, tomatoes, and a ton of other delicious veggies delivered once a week for 20 weeks. Not bad!
Here's a link: Graber Farms
Since we had tomatoes to spare and didn't want them to go to waste, we took an idea from a blog that Holli follows and tried this recipe in order to freeze them for winter:SLOW ROASTED TOMATOES
They are in the oven right now and the house smells delicious. Cecilia took a good morning nap, so Preston helped me prepare it.

First, you count them to make sure you have enough. (We used around 20 small grape, cherry, and roma tomatoes and a few larger yellows.)

Next, (while licking your lips in suspense of the deliciousness that awaits you,) slice them and then begin adding them to a bowl, drizzled with olive oil and spices. For added fun, you can drop them from "way up!" like a grapple truck.

Place skin-down on an oiled baking sheet, and bake @ 200-250 for 8-10 hrs! If you try it, let me know what you think!

We are gearing up for special October activities every weekend this month! Can't wait to reveal the kids' Halloween costumes and share more pictures of pumpkin picking and fall fun!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I can't wait to hear what they are for halloween!!! Like seriously, can't wait!!!!

I am SO MAD at myself for not doing more photos when I was over to drop off food. Dang it, and now she's already a month!

Hope to see you again soon. Let me know of the fun fall stuff going on, this is my favorite time of year!!!!!

phinphan5 said...

I like the picture with Preston next to the giant knife...Cecelia is adorable...when you guys are able to get away from the kids for a night Em and I would love to get the pics.

Anonymous said...

So I'm thinking baby ballerina or princess with the tutu stuff!! For about truck driver??? I know whatever you come up with will be adorable! Can always count on Erin for cute costumes. I don't know if you can beat sock monkey, though! xoxo Aunt Reen